Coral eye candy

I'm feeling a little glum today because I'm in the office and suffering from pre-period irritability and general sadness. I'm off to Boracay tomorrow and I won't bring my laptop so I hope to finish all my work today - extra stress. What's a great way to feel better? Why, ogle at makeup of course!

One of the reasons I like makeup is because of the bright colors. There are so many things you can do with them! Just like a scent, bright makeup can change a mood and make a day.

the display is not complete, btw!

Anyway, when I visited Bobbi Brown Makati the other day, they introduced me to one of their 2010 Spring collections: Cabana Corals. Ever since then I can't stop thinking about two things! The Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick and Calypso Coral Pot Rouge. 

The colors are sooo pretty! The price not so much at P2,450, but hey, quality usually comes at a (steep) price. The powder is very finely milled and you won't see a speck of glitter at all. The texture reminds me of Ellana's Super Sparkle finishing powder, but less powdery.


Calypso Coral looks orange in the pic, but it applies as a pink coral shade. It's very creamy and long-lasting (when I got home the stain was still very much visible). It looks flattering on Pinay morena skin! I find it more affordable than the Shimmer Brick at P1,500. I'm seriously thinking of buying it. What do you think?

There, I'm happy already. See, it's so easy! Have a great Tuesday, you guys!