Ellana Super Sparkle Finishing Powder in Yellow Submarine

I wasn’t expecting much from this product. I just wanted a highlighter in loose powder form so I can mix it with my Ellana Finishing Powder, which I find too matte for my taste. However, as most Ellana products tend to do, I am surprised by how good the Super Sparkle Finishing Powder is!

I’m sure you’re already intimidated by the name - Super Sparkle. It brings scary mental images of faces that look like disco balls and oily disasters. I thought it’s going to be chunky and glittery, but I flipped my misgivings aside since this is only P200. 

The powder doesn’t look yellow at all, as the name suggests. It’s white and the texture is fine. You won’t see any glitter here! After I saw the powder I was a little worried that maybe this doesn’t have the shimmer I was looking for. Wrong again. 

Is this gorgeous or what? The powder, once blended on the skin, shows off a lovely light gold shimmer that is just perfect for highlighting or dusting over one’s foundation. It can also be used as eyeshadow, for highlighting the browbones. Apply it thinly on your eyebags to reduce darkness. I love it! I love it even more since my original misconceptions about it were so wrong.

The only thing left to do is to mix it with my Espresso Con Panna finishing powder and I’m all set. This is such a good buy for only P200 bucks!