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Boracay accessories

I'm back! Busier than ever, of course. I'll write about what we did in Boracay soon. In the meantime, here are some nice pieces I got from beachfront sellers:

Necklaces like this were everywhere, but what caught my eye was the delicate, irridiscent lavender color of this particular piece. It's made of shells and freshwater pearls. Very classy! I can imagine myself wearing this out to formal dinners and events.


This piece is made of capiz shells and tiny rocks. It's great for both casual and semi-formal outings with plain tops and dresses.

It's huge!

A fairly common design, but I like the fact that it's versatile. It's made of flat stones with faux gold accents. It's quite low-key, thus best as a complement to more adventurous outfits.

This bangle may look ugly in the pic, but I swear that it looks a lot better in person. It's made out of heavy, solidly-packed shell pieces that shows a pearly glow under the light. Quite pretty!

Aaand that's it. I spotted a couple of abaca bags on the way home selling for a really cheap price, but I passed because I'm not really a bag person. I'm happy I made time to buy these accessories because I can see myself using them a lot with my current wardrobe.

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