Exclusive: The Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection in the Philippines

Bobbi Brown is a brand that is usually related to mature, polished women. However, she is now trying to update this image by coming out with trendy, more adventurous collections this season! She started with the Cabana Corals Collection released last February. Check out what's still up her sleeve: the Color Strips Collection, to be launched in the Philippines this April.

The lovely folks at Bobbi Brown just got this preview palette and I'm happy to share it with you guys! I think I'm the first one who got to try it in the Philippines, lol.

A complete spring eye, lip and cheek wardrobe—designed by Bobbi. Each of these three palettes has five Eye Shadows and three shades of Pot Rouge designed to work together beautifully. Imagine the possibilities.

There are five available eyeshadow strips: Petal (pink and taupes), Aquamarine (teal and grays), Bonfire (bronzes) and Orchid (featured above). There are two pot rogue strips called Fresh Coral (above) and Fresh Pink.

What I love about this palette is how compact and travel-friendly it is. The palette is double-decked and has its own double-ended brush. You can mix and match the six strips according to your mood and needs; they just snap right off! You don't have to worry about the strips getting dirty since they come with a clear plastic cover that is attached with a hinge.

More closeups and a look featuring the palette up next!

Each eyeshadow strip comes with two base colors, a dark, nearly black color for smoky eyes, and a shimmer eyeshadow. 

The third from the left color is a shimmery lilac. It actually doesn't look all that lilac once you apply it, but it's meant to be an eyeshadow topper - that is, you dab it on your lid on top of the eyeshadows already there - to give much-needed dimension and sparkle to your eyes. The shimmers are very soft and fine.


Loud mattes. Goes on sheer but is easily buildable.

Got to try the pot rogues and I must say, they're verrry nice! They don't feel thick and waxy on my lips, plus they last long on me. Here's me wearing the colors:

Pretty right? Bobbi Brown is all about non-obtrusive, natural makeup that enhances one's face. The Color Strips Collection is for the woman who wants to try colors that she can actually use on a daily basis.

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering how much. Well, each strip is not cheap at P1,600 but if you think about it, P1,600 for five Bobbi Brown eyeshadows or three pot rogues is a nice price. If you buy two strips (P3,200) you get the palette for free. I hope to get my hands on it when it lands!

Now, what do you think? Do you see yourself buying this palette on April?