The five types of hair brushes you didn't think you needed

Hair, as they say, is your crowning glory. Great hair can really be a nice finishing touch to an A-game face but when it comes to my curls, I find its best to leave them alone. Before I learned to love them, I went through the whole phase of getting them rebonded regularly and using a straightening iron to remove any kinks. I use gentle shampoo formulas, conditioners and a lot of hair treatments to keep them in good shape, but I never brush my hair!  

Before doing this story, the last time I combed my hair was four months ago. With curly hair, it is a no-no to brush your hair when dry as it will cause the curls to separate. On the other hand, hair is weak and prone to breakage when wet, so usually I end up with too much hairfall. So I’ve resorted to simply not brushing my hair at all, and I sometimes get serious tangles.


When the PV girls raved about Wet Brush, I got mildly curious about this so-called game changer. What makes these brushes different from your typical hairbrush? I found out that Wet Brushes have IntelliFlex bristles to help brush tangles easily without pulling, and they can be used on both wet and dry hair. The bristles are noticeably thinner and more flexible than the brushes I'm used to, so I dared myself to actually try it on my curls!

The original Detangler Brush (P699) is what started it all. The first time I tried it, I was honestly dreading the amount of pain I was in for. I was having flashbacks to my last salon trip when the stylists spent a long time detangling my hair. Instead, I was very surprised to find that I was able to detangle my hair very quickly and comfortably! Even when used on wet hair, I have a lot less hairfall than I normally would. The bristles feel smooth and not at all scratchy or dragging, and it feels nice on the scalp. It comes in cute designs, too. For brushing on-the-go, there is also a very cute Mini Keychain Brush (P149). 


For those who would still rather use a comb for the wet hair, the Detangling Comb (P349) is not your average wide-toothed comb. It has a unique WaveTooth design that is supposed to distribute hair evenly across the teeth to prevent snagging. I run this comb through my hair after taking a shower, and while it doesn’t pull at my strands, I find that this doesn’t tame my frizzy hair as well as the brush does. Nevertheless, I will be using this every day.

Hairstylists may want to splurge a little extra on a Pro Detangler (P899). It has similar features as the original Detangler, but has a rubberized coating as with the rest of the Wet Brush Pro line. I have experience in hairstyling (from when I was studying to be a makeup artist) and I can attest to the hand fatigue that comes with grasping tools for prolonged periods. The rubberized coating helps reduce that because it feels better on my grip. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it certainly helps.


For those who use a hair dryer, the Paddle Detangler (P799) has heat-resistant bristles with 20% more surface area to dry and detangle hair quickly. Once hair is damp, you can switch to the Hot Brush (P699) to style your hair. It has a ceramic thermal barrel to distribute heat more evenly. These two brushes don’t snag as much as other brushes when blowdrying my hair so I have considerably less hairfall. Keep in mind, though, that the Hot Brush does not have soft bristles as it is a finishing brush and should not be used near the scalp.


Wet Brush also has a brush just for men. The Men’s Brush (P699) has a thinner, rectangular shape, and the bristles are closer together to better style men’s shorter hair. I gave this to my husband and he likes how very gentle it feels on his scalp. In fact, after trying this out, he relegated his old hairbrush as a back scratcher instead!

Just as with makeup brushes, finding the right brush for your hair makes a world of difference. Although Wet Brush is honestly more expensive than your average hair brushes, these are definitely worth saving yourself from stress, pain, and hair damage!

Wet Brush is available in selected Watsons stores and SM Department Stores nationwide.