I went to pro makeup school and it's the best money I spent

I only got into makeup in third year college but by the time I graduated, I had enough makeup to fill up a large caboodle case! I became an avid reader of beauty blogs, and many of the bloggers I followed had enrolled in pro makeup classes. I had no plans on becoming a makeup artist, but it was so enticing seeing all those before and after transformations that I messaged them to ask if it was worth it. I got a resounding “Yes!”, and so I started looking around for a school.

Now, enrolling in a makeup course is not cheap. Aside from the tuition fee, the makeup and the tools can also cost an arm and a leg. It’s a good thing that some schools can provide these materials for class use, so if you haven't built up your personal collection, do some research first and find a school that will lend you materials.

Admittedly, there are other ways to hone makeup skills, such as following YouTube tutorials and attending personal makeup workshops. These, however, will not replace the intensive experience of a pro makeup course. In beauty school, even the most basic things such as matching the right foundation shade and creating a flawless base needed to be perfected. We were taught to pay attention to even the most minute details. "Pwede na yan" was not allowed in class because in a real world situation with paying clients, only the best work is acceptable.

Everyday was a new makeup challenge. We learned how to do makeup for different occasions as well as different people, including men and mature women. All of these were done under our teachers’ watchful eyes as they nitpicked every little detail. There was also a lot of pressure because we had to work under time limit, and none of us wanted to do a poor job when everyone else was creating fantastic looks. At the end of the course, we had a photo shoot with a professional photographer and a model. The bright camera lights are very unforgiving, so we also got to see and learn the difference between doing regular makeup and creating looks that looked flawless on camera. It was an intense, nerve-wracking but also very fulfilling experience!

My makeup game certainly improved! At the left, I didn't know how to properly fix my brows, blend my eyeshadow, or apply contour.

My makeup game certainly improved! At the left, I didn't know how to properly fix my brows, blend my eyeshadow, or apply contour.

After I finished my course, I decided to put my new skills into good use and started doing paid gigs. It's really enjoyable to get paid to do something you love, even just on the side. These days I'm no longer able to do makeup gigs regularly because I've been busy with work, but that doesn't mean what I learned has become useless! Here's why you should consider investing in professional-level makeup courses.

Your everyday makeup will level up. Not to brag but I regularly get compliments that range from “Your eyebrows are nice” all the way up to “Did you airbrush your face?” Knowing that you look good will do wonders for the self-esteem, and you can use that confidence boost to pursue your goals and follow your dreams!

You can always count on yourself to be your own makeup artist. Having pro-level techniques is a practical life skill, especially when your job involves looking good. I am a musical performer and regularly put on heavy makeup. The last time I had a TV interview, someone asked me, “You went to the salon, noh?” One of my colleagues quickly replied, “No, she did that herself!” 

If I had to sum up how many times I would have gone to the salon to have my makeup done, the money I would have shelled out was enough to pay my tuition fee for makeup school many times over! The only time I hired a makeup artist again was for my wedding (because I found it too stressful), but you can make like Donnarence and do your own bridal look!

You can save money in the long run. Aside from the obvious savings from not having to hire a makeup artist, knowing which products to use and how to maximize their benefits also help you to rake in savings. Have you ever bought a foundation that was the wrong shade, or wasted product because you didn't know how to apply it properly? Makeup lessons will save you from these heartaches, and from wasting money.

Finishing a pro makeup course was a good investment for me, but I encourage you to do an honest assessment of how it will impact your own unique situation. If you find that you have a lot to benefit from attending makeup school, go for it! Who knows, it might even open new career and life opportunities for you!