Monday Musings: When NOT to waste time and my biggest pet peeve

"Take your time." This is good advice. It's safe advice. It's what you should take if you don't know what to do with your life or found someone to give your heart to, yet. There are things you can't rush and events you can't force. There are lessons that you can't learn the first few tries. Taking your time meandering through life is totally okay because it just means that your experiences have yet to catalyze into that one moment when you just know - when the path is so clear it hurts your eyes to look at it.

However, if you're already sure about where your heart really lies then you should not waste time pursuing it. "Take your time" in this case is the absolute worst advice you can follow! You should burn with the desire to achieve that dream, or be with that person. Don't play mind games or second-guess yourself at this point. If you've already been struck with lightning, then it's too late to be frightened of being on fire.

Plan. Be relentless. Do what it takes to get to where you want. Don't look at the life-that-might-be wistfully, wishing for it to just happen to you. Make it happen to you. Create a timeline and set a deadline.


If you've been reading Project Vanity for a while, you'd know that one of my biggest pet peeves are people who condescend on others who like to wear makeup. This morning I saw this Facebook status that made the bees in my bonnet have a drunken riot. I normally don't like responding to incendiary FB material like this, but I had five minutes and something to say.

I don't intend to shame the person who posted it, I have simply had it with the this kind of thinking! That women are somehow less because they are vain is a load of bullshit. I hope you don't let others make you feel insecure because of their own ignorance. Just do your thing and have a great life!

So what's on your mind this Monday?