A Response to FHM's 9 Perks Of Dating A Woman Who Doesn't Wear Too Much Makeup

Dear FHM,

Congratulations for fighting the urge to makeup shame! It must be so difficult not to come out and say it straight out. It's also weird that the article is written by a woman even though the POV seems to be male. But I'm splitting hairs now. 

I've been wearing makeup since I was 16, and honestly I feel it has done much, much more for me than any man possibly can. With it I feel more confident and powerful, plus it's even given me a career! Who knew makeup has uses beyond trying to impress men? I know, it's such a revelation. It must be so shocking to learn that women like me wear makeup not necessarily to be pretty, but to flex our artistic skills and enjoy the experience of playing with it.

I also accept that listicles like yours are built on hasty generalizations with the intent of garnering views while fielding a deadline. Still, I want to set a few things straight in this post as someone who often wears "too much makeup" and might not ever be mistaken to have an "easy-going, [confidence] and have that distinct what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of charm".

I'm dating a man, by the way, who thinks I'm beautiful whether or not I have makeup on. I hope men like him become the standard, and not nitpicky boys who can't seem to see beyond the foundation.

I can shower, dress, AND do my makeup in 15 minutes. I use reliable products that are perfect for my needs and my routine, so I can cut corners and save minutes when I really need to. This is why I almost always arrive on time, barring unexpected events.

I also have an hour to two hour-long routine when I need to get glammed up. Any true makeup enthusiast knows how she can cut time and how she can perfect the details, as the date requires! 

Honey, you just wait till you see me with falsies on and the perfect bronze smoky eye. I can go on stun mode if I wanted to.

But seriously what a silly reason. So guys would like girls not to wear makeup so the special occasion would feel special? WTF. I can't even process this. If I have the power to be prettier every day I will do it, and do it for me.  

Retouching takes like 30 seconds and can be done in any quiet spot. Girl what powder are you using???

We need to get rid of this assumption that women who like wearing makeup are insecure. Like I said above, we love makeup for different reasons. Yes, people wear it out of necessity and vanity, to cover up flaws and weaknesses (real or perceived). But that doesn't mean they feel shitty and empty inside and in constant fear of being discovered as fake people. Makeup is a solution to a problem. Makeup is also part of a person's identity and not a separate, detachable piece that washes off every night. 

I went bare-faced on the fourth date. Nobody died. He loves my face with or without makeup on. If you're dating a guy who you fear might be disgusted by your bare face, GTFO! You don't need that kind of crap in your life anyway. I don't care who you are or what you've done in your life, you deserve better than that.

I wear tons of makeup whenever I want to. I know my flaws and I accept them. If the other person can't, I'll look for someone who can.

I call myself maarte and my quality of life doesn't suffer. In fact, no one's quality of life suffers! Wow, right?

I had to read this a few more times. It's saying artificial beauty is great, but simplicity is also great. Point? 

The miracle of balm stains and the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color. Google it.

And that is that. Now I have to go to the bank and run errands, and just because, I will wear bright eyeshadow and loud lipstick! Thoughts?