Three ways to get fuller lips, no injections required

Remember when Kylie Jenner first showed off a noticeably more pronounced pout? The Internet went wild with different ways to recreate the look, some with crazy inventions and others with questionable home remedies that caused injury. We get it: pillowy lips can look very flattering and oh-so-kissable, but we're not about to blow big bucks on fillers or trying any potentially harmful hacks. 

We're a bunch of makeup-loving gals, so we're turning to our favorite medium to cop this look. Because these days, it’s not just your face that you can contour – your lips can have a different look, too! Bigger lips, poutier lips, or plumper lips overall - they're pretty easy (and safe) to do with just a few products.

Bigger Lips

Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone to "erase" the edges of your lips. Using a lip pencil, fill in your lips going a bit past your natural lip line but not too far that it's so obvious! Finish with a lipstick on top. Nude or MLBB shades are recommended for this lip contouring technique for a more natural look.

Poutier Lips

Using a lip liner that is two shades darker than your lipstick, emphasize your cupid's bow as well as the corners of your lips. Apply a lighter lipstick all over and blend well. Place a touch of gloss right on the center of your lower lip to make it look fuller, then dust a bit of bronzer right underneath to create a "shadow" effect.

Plumper Lips

This technique was inspired by Marilyn Monroe, who was famous for her red lips. You'll need two shades of lip liner: a darker shade to outline your lips, and a nude one to fill it in. Use a bright-colored lippie to lightly blend the lip liners together, but keep a light hand as you don't want to to completely erase or cover up the illusion of depth that they create. Top with a gloss on the middle of your lips to complete the look.

Do you like emphasizing your lips? What do you think of this trend?