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Make-up Class: Alum Jigs Mayuga on his return as a CAS instructor

As one of the most popular and sought-after makeup artists today, Jigs Mayuga is undeniably a hero in the eyes of many budding makeup artists. And, like many heroes, he comes with quite a unique origin story. In a world full of “self-taught” beauty gurus and “natural talent,” Jigs stands out as an artist who openly sought out a more formal route, enrolling as a student of the Center for Aesthetic Studies’ (CAS) pioneer batch in 2004.

Thirteen years later, the student is now a teacher and more importantly a partner who will be directly involved in ensuring that the quality of education is of the highest standards.

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Shu Uemura Yume Advanced Makeup Class

I taught myself everything I know about makeup. That may not sound as impressive as going to makeup school, but my skills are not too shabby, I think. :P What with all the YouTube tutorials and beauty blogs out there, there's no excuse not to master at least the basics of makeup application!

Nonetheless, it pays to learn from the professionals. They have lots of insights to share, and of course joining a personal, on-hand class is a richer learning experience! That's why I decided to take the Shu Uemura Yume Advanced Makeup Class. I know for a fact that Shu has some of the best accredited makeup artists out there, who've done countless magazines, ads, and celebrity clients here in the country. 

True enough, John Pagaduan taught the class that day. John is a well-known makeup artist here. I frst met him four years ago, when he did my face for an event. He was very kind and humble back then, filled with raw talent, and until this day he's very much the same artistic guy. I was very happy to get him as my instructor!

I brought all my favorite makeup, of course. Those Beauty Pro Cosmetic Palettes are perfect for trying out looks, since they have all the colors I can possibly need.

Okay, let's start! I'll show you my looks and some tips on how I did them. :D

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