Shu Uemura Yume Advanced Makeup Class

I taught myself everything I know about makeup. That may not sound as impressive as going to makeup school, but my skills are not too shabby, I think. :P What with all the YouTube tutorials and beauty blogs out there, there's no excuse not to master at least the basics of makeup application!

Nonetheless, it pays to learn from the professionals. They have lots of insights to share, and of course joining a personal, on-hand class is a richer learning experience! That's why I decided to take the Shu Uemura Yume Advanced Makeup Class. I know for a fact that Shu has some of the best accredited makeup artists out there, who've done countless magazines, ads, and celebrity clients here in the country. 

True enough, John Pagaduan taught the class that day. John is a well-known makeup artist here. I frst met him four years ago, when he did my face for an event. He was very kind and humble back then, filled with raw talent, and until this day he's very much the same artistic guy. I was very happy to get him as my instructor!

I brought all my favorite makeup, of course. Those Beauty Pro Cosmetic Palettes are perfect for trying out looks, since they have all the colors I can possibly need.

Okay, let's start! I'll show you my looks and some tips on how I did them. :D

This is my day/ prime look. John shared an important tip when perfecting foundation application: apply only a sheer layer on the middle of your face (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin), then a thick layer on the outer areas. Many of us have good skin in the T-area so there's no need to cover that up. Blemishes usually occur on the sides of the face so we should concentrate there to get a flawless yet natural finish.

If you have a thick cluster of blemishes/acne, use a sponge to "volumize" the area, that is, pat on liquid foundation instead of swiping it. That way you get super heavy coverage.

And here is my day-to-night look. I just intensified the crease eyeshadow (matte brown) and then added stronger red lips. Now I'm ready for an evening out! If you're an office girl, know that you don't need to redo your makeup if you plan to go to a party after work. Just add more dramatic colors to set off your features in dim lighting.

Oooh, my favorite. John showed us a photo of a purple and blue eye - you know how much I love purple eyeshadows! I got straight down to work and made this fierce, colorblocked eyeshadow look. Bookmarked it for future use. :P

John said that smoky eyes don't necessarily have to be all about black. It could be a gorgeous gradient of colors - blue, green, brown, purple, you name it - as long as they're intense and dramatic. Here I did a green smoky eye. I used a black cream eyeshadow to make the green pop, and just blended the cream to the crease. It's quick and easy!

As for the face, I did some heavy contouring and left the blush behind. It's important to highlight only one feature (in this case, my eyes) so as not to overwhelm.

And here's my crazy avant garde look. Haha! I don't know where I was going with this so it looks a little weird, but whatever! I had fun doing it. It's more of a doodle than anything else. :P 

Tip to get the perfect nude lip: Blend your pink lipstick with cream concealer! You'll get a nice, long-lasting shade that doesn't wash you out.

My classmate wore these bongga feather lashes. Aside from makeup and skincare, Shu Uemura is famous for their ostentatious, one-of-a-kind lashes. They're perfect for runways, shoots or if you're just a really kooky-stylish individual like Tessa Prieto-Valdez. But seriously, these lashes are a must-have if you're a makeup artist.

Green peacock lashes

Spotted feather lashes


And that's it! You should enroll in a Shu Uemura Yume Class if you get the chance. :D They sometimes offer it on Deal Grocer at a good discount so it's not as expensive. I'll let you know when there are classes again!