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Spend or Splurge? How to build you pro makeup artist kit

When we did our Tom Ford eyeshadow team test a few weeks back, the girls kept asking so many questions about my pro kit that I realized that there is so much to share from “behind the stage.” Everyday life as a makeup artist is obvious to me because I’m immersed in this world, but going back to my just-a-makeup-lover roots, I can see why this could be an exciting topic! While makeup enthusiasts post a lot of content on social media, working artists rarely share as much. I hope this guide can help aspiring and beginner makeup artists, as well as serious makeup lovers who want to better understand on how to make smart beauty investments!

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The RB Chanco issue: What to expect from your makeup artist

If you’re part of Facebook beauty groups or wedding planning, you may have seen the viral post that sent online beauty community into a frenzy over the weekend. Originally shared by a user named Makiko Yoshizawa, the post is a scathing review of celebrity makeup artist RB Chanco. Makiko claimed that RB was unresponsive in the months leading up to her wedding, leading her to cancel their service agreement. She also detailed how RB insisted on keeping the reservation fee despite the cancellation of the contract, which happened mere weeks before the event. The post includes screenshots of OP’s exchanges with the artist.

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Anthea Bueno on her life as a celebrity MUA and her climb to the top

Makeup artists know it's a long, tough road to success. Building a stellar reputation, a loyal client base, and a signature technique is only possible after years of training and service. So what does it take, really, to start from scratch as a pro MUA? We sat down with celebrity makeup artist and PV girl-crush, Anthea Bueno, to pick her mind about her life, her career, and some surprising beauty advice. Known for her complexion work and striking editorial looks, Anthea counts among her clients stars like Iza Calzado, Sarah Lahbati, Kelsey Merritt, Leila Alcasid, Janine Gutierrez and Ylona Garcia. Let's hear her story!

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Five celebrity makeup artists you should be stalking on IG right now

A good part of my day is spent double tapping on beautiful faces on Instagram. Admiring gorgeous skin, ogling at perfect brows, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at perfectly chiselled features - I draw most of my makeup inspiration from following celebrity makeup artists! If you want to escape your makeup rut or are simply looking for a daily dose of pretty, here are five celebrity MUAs you won’t regret following on social media.

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Make-up Class: Alum Jigs Mayuga on his return as a CAS instructor

As one of the most popular and sought-after makeup artists today, Jigs Mayuga is undeniably a hero in the eyes of many budding makeup artists. And, like many heroes, he comes with quite a unique origin story. In a world full of “self-taught” beauty gurus and “natural talent,” Jigs stands out as an artist who openly sought out a more formal route, enrolling as a student of the Center for Aesthetic Studies’ (CAS) pioneer batch in 2004.

Thirteen years later, the student is now a teacher and more importantly a partner who will be directly involved in ensuring that the quality of education is of the highest standards.

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Five things that you can do to improve your makeup now

There is only so much you can learn from YouTube and beauty blogs. It's better to stand in front of a true artist and see how he does his fabulous tricks up close! That's why I always try to attend events where brands bring their own international makeup artists. There's always a new technique to see, a new style to absorb. I may not have formal training but I'm fortunate enough to be invited to witness these masters at work.

Last Saturday, I did just that. Gregory Arlt, the Director of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics, came to visit the Philippines to demonstrate new techniques and products. Gregory does the makeup of Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry to name a few. He's done covers, campaigns, and shows. I loved watching him since he was so eloquent and entertaining!

He showed us a simple, everyday look and a more glamorous yet understated evening look. You may have heard much of the advice if you already know the basics of makeup, but he also imparted a few lesser-known gems that I think would help all of us improve our daily makeup routine. Here they are!

Tip #1: Moisturize, prime, and spritz. What you wear under your makeup is just as important as what’s on top. Remember to use a brightening moisturizer, a smoothing primer, and a lip conditioner before you put on anything else. Spritz something like the MAC Fix+ to liven up your skin and plump it up. Your moisturizer and primer will seal that water in for better hydration throughout the day.

Tip #2: Use a flat foundation brush to apply heavy coverage powder foundation. You think you can only use THAT for liquid foundation? Think again! If you use powder foundation like the MAC Studio Fix, apply it with a paddle brush to get a finer, more precise coverage. We tend to slather it on with sponges and dense powder brushes, I know, which gets us a mask-like finish. Build it up patiently with a synthetic flat brush, like what Gregory did here.

I tried this at home with a loose foundation and it works!

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