How to achieve your New Year's resolutions with Watsons

Is it just me or did January fly by so fast? One minute we’re celebrating the new year, the next we’re nearly at the end of the first month! I feel like the ink hasn’t even dried on our resolutions list, yet here we are. How have you been sticking to yours? Whether you chose to do a full beauty overhaul or just have a few improvements in mind, Watsons reminds us to celebrate the 2018 version of ourselves - this year’s Happy New You!

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At their recent Happy New You event in SM Aura, Watsons gathered industry experts and select brand ambassadors to share their tips and tricks to help us reach our new year goals. Let us learn from our best and worst finds of 2017 and improve our beauty routines in practical and achievable ways.

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Goal #1: Get glowing, healthy skin

Because glass skin is in, we want to amp up our skincare! Aside from always, always putting on sunscreen, you can boost your routine with a little help from collagen. You can drink it in supplement form via the Belo Neutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink, or address different skin needs with picks from the Collagen by Watsons.

The PV girls are also avid fans of masking, and if you want to get professional treatments in the comfort of your home, consider the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Light Mask. Gretchen Ho explains that it gives 30 sessions of “light energy to boost skin radiance from deep within”.

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Goal #2: Achieve luscious, face-framing locks

Speaking of healthy, its not just our skin that we should look after. There’s also our crowning glory that we have to take care of! Hair stylist Aries Manal shares his super quick tip for round face shapes: create a deeper part for your hair to create the illusion of a more angular shape!

As for time and budget constraints, Revlon and Bigen are just two of the many brands you can use for at home coloring. Want a quick hair spa? Silk Secrets has Keratin and Argan Oil 1-minute treatment tubs. For daily maintenance, you can partner up Moringa-O2’s Malunggay Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner or apply Cream Silk after every shampoo session. Style-wise, Lolane offers Free Style Gel Sprays in the cutest bottles as well as Dry Shampoos for that easy refresh.

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Goal #3: Nail on-trend makeup looks

What’s in for 2018? BYS shares “the bright look” which is characterized by clean, fresh-faced makeup. And you can say goodbye to matte formulas as well, as 2018 is going to be all about gloss and glitter!

Makeup expert Jake Galvez shares some easy tips for a polished look:

  • If you’re in a rush, use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to quickly even out your base.
  • Apply concealer only where needed.
  • Always make sure to mist with water or facial mist after makeup application.
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Goal #4: Strong is the new sexy

Do you have “get abs” on your wishlist? It’s actually been on my list since forever but it’s so much easier to write than achieve! So for this year, I’m going for a healthier, fitter version of me, whether with abs or with flabs.

Thankfully, Ride Revolution’s fitness ambassador Ida Paras shared three practical tips to follow:

  • Have a plan – a realistic plan that suits your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Fix your mindset. Remember that working out is for treating yourself better, while healthier eating is to nourish your body properly.
  • A fit body looks different on everyone. Focus on yourself and your own progress.
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Goal #5: Win 1,000,000 shopping points

If you can turn your beauty shopping into a way to pay for even more hauls, wouldn't you take that opportunity? Because that's what becoming a SM Advantage Card holder can do for you. Apart from earning points whenever you shop, a minimum P500 purchase with any participating product at Watsons entitles you to win up to 1,000,000 shopping points! Promo runs from January 4 to February 21, so better get yourself a SMAC soon and use it whenever you shop.

What are your beauty goals for the year? How have you been working on achieving them?