Staff Picks: Beauty resolutions for 2018

I recently read that contrary to popular psychology, it takes about 66 days to form a new habit instead of just 21. It sounds like a long time but I find this mildly reassuring as we've already reached the half month point and I'm still struggling to stick to my resolutions! Having a support group for encouragement goes a long way to helping me stay the course, so my fellow PV girls and I decided to share our beauty goals for this year. Here's what we've decided to focus on for 2018.


Den: I did a deep dive into skincare last year, and my skin is honestly at its best ever! Well, only that's true for my face though. For 2018, I'm trying to be more conscientious about caring for the other parts of my body! My cuticles are prone to dryness because I'm a compulsive hand-washer, I have keratosis pilaris on both upper arms, and I need to remember to bring my skincare down to my chest area so that my anti-aging efforts aren't limited to my face. Basically, my resolution is to apply body moisturizers more often so I've placed products in my bathroom, on my night table, and at my desk. Hope I actually remember to use them!


Marielle: I am guilty of being a beauty hoarder, so it's only logical that my new year's resolutions list includes a spending limit and the goal of finishing up all the stuff I've managed to stockpile over the last year. I say "spending limit", since I can't even see myself going cold turkey by doing an all-out spending ban. I've even gotten the ball rolling by rearranging my beauty storage by category for easier first-in, first-out access! 

Sam: I hope to spend less on non-essential makeup and keep up with my skin care. There is a tremendous difference when the face is a clean, smooth, slate. A "perfect" base will enable me to go crazier with colors and lines, which I've always wanted to do! Lastly, I also hope to take better care of my hair. In 2017, I experienced my first (mass) breakage due to multiple bleachings, and all I want now is to take care of my texture and color. Here's to hoping!

Claire: In 2017, I learned so much about my skin. In 2018, I promise to stick to what I know works for me! No more trying to make failed skincare work, trying out skincare fads (without enough research), and playing around with my tried-and-tested regimen. This might sound like common sense, but in recent years my curiosity has always gotten the best of me.


Katsy: Lipsticks have always called out to me, hence my other IG @lipsticksxlenses where I obsessively try to document my fascination with these tiny tubes. For 2018, I want to experiment more with eye makeup, and I have to thank Liz and the entire PV team for the inspiration! Sam's got her wing liner game extra strong, Tellie's our K-beauty guru, Marielle's the monolid maven, and Kim's got eyelids to envy. Here's hoping I get to push through with this goal and go beyond the one shadow eyeshadow/no eyeshadow look I've been rocking since forever. HNY, guys!

Gett: Last year, my beauty resolution was to sleep more hours and apparently that was already unrealistic given the nature of my 9-6, LOL. I’ll keep it more realistic and learn how to wear nudes more. I reaaaaaally love lipstick in berries, reds, or rosy tones but I shy away from nudes because I feel like they make me look dead. So for 2018, I hope to find that perfect nude that will make me look lively!

We hope to be able to help each other and other members of the PV community stick to our resolutions! Do share yours in the comments below, join in the Facebook group, and let's reach those #beautygoals together!