Review: Belo Neutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink

Supplements are a dark area for me as I don't really look into them, but I'm always interested to try whatever comes my way. Some time ago I got a few boxes of Belo Neutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink sooooo I gave it a whirl! I've been drinking it for a week and have a few observations to share on Belo's latest foray in the consumable beauty business.

First things first: did my skin actually improve in the seven days I've put this powder in my drinks and soup? I probably need to try this for considerably longer, but off the bat I've noticed that my skin is a bit less dry and more smooth. This is most noticeable in my legs and arms. I've recently gone to the beach so my skin has been exposed to a lotta sun and is not in prime condition even though I've slathered sunscreen while I was out. 

Belo's collagen drink may have helped my skin bounce back but it's hard to say. At the very least I liked the idea of consuming collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are both said to help hydrate and renew the skin.

The taste of the powder is neutral, as claimed, but it has a gelatin smell and taste. You know raw gelatin? That's what I mean. It's not off-putting and is easy enough to get used to in any case. If you really want to totally avoid the smell and negligible taste you can put the powder in some soup or broth. It slightly thickens the texture of the liquid you place it in.

It dissolves fairly quickly even in cold drinks; stir it and the powder will break down into tiny lumps. Let your glass stand for a few minutes and those lumps will dissolve by themselves. Pretty neat!

Overall, I find the Belo Neutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink useful to those looking to deepen their beauty routine. Those who have mature skin might want to see how effective collagen drinks can be when consumed frequently. I might be too young to see long-term effects but Belo does recommend starting at 25 to prevent the loss of collagen through the years. 

Only one way to find out! In the meantime always use sunscreen and a basic 3-step skincare routine religiously!

This product is available in Belo Medical Group clinics, Mercury Drug, Watsons, and other leading drugstores nationwide. The product is safe and is available for purchase over the counter. Each sachet costs Php 114 and Php 1,593for a box of 14 sachets.

This post is brought to you by Belo and Sample Room.