Create a stylized smile with the Happy Skin x Liz Uy Collection

Happy Skin's latest celebrity collaboration is with Liz Uy, stylist to the stars and a bestselling author. Liz designed the three new Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie shades according to her philosophy that one only needs three basic lip colors to go with any outfit: a happy pink, a flattering nude, and a sexy red. Of course, each shade is designed to suit any skin tone and comes in a moisturising, fairly long-wearing formula which the Happy Skin lippies are famous for!

The new shades retail for P599 each. When purchased in a set and with the bronze leatherette case, they're P1,499; with the clear acrylic clutch, they're P1,799. This is a neat gift idea for all the boys looking to get their special someones a little something for Valentine's Day. Everything is limited edition so yeah, get crackin' in you want it. ;)

Back to the lipsticks. A couple of people commented on my Instagram that these look like past Happy Skin collections with the pink-nude-red shtick. That is true, but the lipsticks aren't really exactly the same as the existing colors. Perhaps the shade that underwhelms me the most is 24 Carat, the new pink, which is most similar to Summer Crush out of all Happy Skin's pinks. That summer lippie was limited edition though so it's not like you can find it anymore.

Red Carpet is my kind of red - a bit on the deep end, with a lot of warmth in it. The nude Style Icon though is something else. Check out my lip swatches below!

24 Carat is a pretty bright pink. Like I said, it's most similar to Summer Crush, from 2014's summer line up.  Get this Liz Uy lippie if you missed that LE shade I believe it is no longer available in stores.

I'm predicting that Style Icon will be the most popular shade out of three. Happy Skin doesn't have anything similar to it so far! It's a pink "greige" shade that looks particularly stunning on morenas. On fair skin, it comes out pinker than beige. On me, it looks just right. It doesn't wash me out! This would look perf with my bright eyeshadows. It's completely opaque.

Red Carpet is a gorgeous red with only the slightest whisper of orange in it. You can't go wrong with this one if you're looking for something that will brighten your skin and your teeth! I wore this at the launch of the lippies yesterday and it really made my face look more fresh and open.


I'm loving the acrylic clutch BTW! It's so classy and well-made! I will definitely take it with me partying when I get the chance. ^_^ So there you go. If you're overdue for a new lippie. you MUST check out this new collection, particularly Style Icon. Such a lovely, wearable shade for you nudies out there!

What do you think of the Happy Skin x Liz Uy collab?