Sale Alert: It's 50% off hair products this May 27 over at Watsons

Aside from makeup, playing with your hairstyle and changing up your hair color are easy ways to spice up your look. There’s no need to go to expensive salons though; if you’re on a budget, Watsons offers great options to help you achieve your #HairGoals.


At the recent #HairGoals launch, we learned that just as we now enjoy access to more and more makeup brands, the same has been true for our hair care choices. In addition to the usual L’Oreal and Revlon, we also have Kolours, Bigen, Beautylabo, Lolane, Liese, and Revia to address our mane concerns. 

L'Oreal even has a Gold Collection to match their 24k gold lipsticks: the Excellence Fashion and Excellence Crème line now offers 6.30 Golden Dark Blonde, 5.43 Golden Copper Brown, and 5.43 Golden Brown

Also present at the event were hair styling tools and products from JML, W.Elite, Babybliss, VS Sassoon, Tresemme, Aquanet, Finesse, and Suave in addition to hair care products from Dove, Pantene, and Creamsilk

We also got to learn about the recent Runway Ready Trends Fashion Show stage by experts from Tresemme where they featured TRESetters Martine Cajucom, Sarah Lahbati, and Joey Mead. Tresemme’s Style Studio offered a venue for attendees to learn how to DIY the latest trending hairstyles. 

If you’re looking for a more major change though, there’s nothing quite like dyeing your hair a different color. And yes, you can totally do it at home without fear of messing up! Whether you’re in need of retouching your roots or looking for a new shade to try, make sure to mark your calendar for the Watsons Color Your Hair Day Sale on May 27, 2017

It’s a one-day nationwide sale wherein you can get hair color brands like Revlon, Kolours, L’oreal, Beautylabo, Lolane, Revia, Liese and Bigen at 50% off. Take note: this will be available at all Watsons stores and SM Beauty locations. And if you’re an SM Advantage Card member, there are even more perks as you can win a trip to Bali, Guam, or Sydney or get a new iPhone 7 or iPad Pro. SMAC members will receive one e-raffle entry for every P500 single-receipt purchase of participating products.

The half-off discount is a super sulit deal, especially if you color your hair regularly or are keen on experimenting with your look. You can hoard all the hair color you’ll need for the rest of the year, or finally try the shade you’ve been curious about but didn’t want to shell out too much money for. Also, one box of dye is usually good for shoulder-length hair, so if your tresses are much longer, you can essentially get two boxes for the regular price of one. Are you counting all those savings yet?

I got my hair colored at the event and used up two boxes of L’Oreal Excellence Fashion in Ashy Nude Brown. While you can definitely apply the dye on your own, it’s nice to feel pampered and have it done by someone else while you relax. Just purchase a box of Excellence Crème or Fashion at Watsons SM MOA this May, and you can have them apply it for you, totally free! 

The free L'Oreal hair color application service will also be available at other locations but if there aren’t any near you, why not call your BFF over for an at-home pampering sesh and take turns doing each other’s hair? The instructions that come with each box are super easy to follow that even your not-vain boyfriend or husband can do it. Just smile and say pretty-please! 

An important reminder before you go on a coloring spree: always read the label and do a skin allergy test first. Trust me - you don’t want to find out that you’re allergic to the hair dye after you’ve already applied it all over your head! This almost happened to me at a salon before but because they did a patch test, my hair and I went home unscathed. 

So are you ready to get your best hair ever this 2017? Which products are you getting at the Watsons Color Your Hair Day Sale?