Swatched: Digging gold with the L'Oreal Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Lipsticks

Thought bubble: I wonder if high-end brands still make money given how drugstore lipsticks are viciously competitive when it comes to formulation. Of course there's still the matter of luxe packaging, but is that still relevant to consumers? Or is a great formula + color + affordable price all they care about? The market for dupes seem to be growing in recent years with some "dupes" even going so far as to plagiarize the concept of expensive brands!

But that's a conversation for another day. ^_^ For now, I want to show you some of L'Oreal's new Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Lipsticks (P400). I have four shades here, including the sparkly gold that's absolutely gorgeous when worn on top of a base color.

The 24 Karat Gold Lipsticks feature intense pigmentation with a high-gloss, lustrous finish. They glide on the lips like butter thanks to the jojoba oil in the formula - they're quite moisturizing even without lip balm! They stay on for about three hours, just average for a lipstick. You may want to blot the first layer before adding another one to extend wear time or wear a lip liner.

Rose Gold, Mocha Gold, Le Gold, Rouge Gold

Rose Gold, Mocha Gold, Le Gold, Rouge Gold

Here are the shades I have!

  • Sonam's Rose Gold P601 is a bright, medium pink with sheer gold flecks. It's an incredibly creamy, pigmented shade that's solid in one layer. I say, L'Oreal's on fire with the formulation of these lipsticks!
  • Aishwarya's Rouge Gold R601 is a fire-engine red again with sheer gold flecks. The gold is not obvious from afar, but it adds dimension and body to the color.
  • Eva's Mocha Gold M601 is a deep, chocolate red. The gold flecks here complement the color best, as you can see them at work providing depth to the lips.
  • Le Gold G101 is a sheer sparkly yellow gold that's touted to have a touch of real 24K gold. Marketing speak aside, it's beautiful. It certainly can't be worn alone, but it looks fabulous on top of any lipstick shade.

Here's what I mean about Le Gold. The Rose Gold is already pretty by itself, but with a dab of Le Gold in the middle of the upper and lower lips, it looks more full-bodied and complex! Same with Mocha Gold. If you fell in love with the metallic liquid lip look, the Le Gold can help your existing lipsticks get there with just a swipe or two.

What do you think of L'Oreal's gold lippies? Which shade are you crushing on the most?

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales