Five practical tips to achieve your best date look

Aaah, the great Valentine's Day Rush has begun! Reservations are being made, maximum preening is in effect, and FOTDs/OOTDs are carefully being coordinated in advance. Love is in the air, of course, and so is the desire to make the day perfect for that special someone. While there’s no absolute guarantee of a magical date night, here are some practical tips to make heart day beauty easier to figure out:

Go back to your starter colors. V-Day is generally not a good time to get experimental about your eye makeup. The basic palette of earth tones, nudes, pinks, and purples emulate the sweetness of the spring blooms in your bouquet. Incidentally, these are the same colors usually found in bridal makeup because of their ability to channel the look of classic and effortless beauty. It may not be the most exciting or fun-looking palette but it’s sure to be the most flattering!

Try: Pink Sugar Eyeshadow Palette, the neutral one. This has pigmented, uber flattering colors that would look amazing on you.

Pick out a subtle scent. If cuddling is on the menu, it’s a good idea to stay away from fragrances that will overwhelm anyone who comes in close proximity. A special date with your sweetheart should be about exuding a relaxed confidence and letting your personality shine through, so save those heady exotic blends for a less intimate encounter. Besides, a light scent that gently teases the nose gives them the perfect excuse to lean in for a whiff.

TryElie Saab Le Parfum, Elizabeth Arden Cherry Blossom, Estee Lauder Modern Muse, Philosophy Amazing Grace

Decide which kind of lippie side you are on. A great Valentine date is sure to conclude with a smooch or more! So, what type of lipstick should you have on? Either pick out a lightly-tinted balm type that rubs off quickly, or reach for the polar opposite: a kiss-proof lipstick formula. Anything in between will just make a mess that may put a damper on your romance. If you're still unsure, we made a poll to help you decide.

Try: We shared our top five recos in this article!

Yes, lip gloss is actually allowed. Lip gloss has a bad rap for being sticky-icky, but not all shine-enhancing formulas are created equal. Seek out a thinner formula that has a lot of glide, and keeps your pout moisturized and prepped for that good night kiss.

Try: TheBalm Read My Lips Lip Gloss

Own that blooming glow. On this occasion, replace the usual contour kit with strobing. A soft-focus shimmer, when applied sparingly, gives off an instant happy and in-love vibe. Also, the effects of strobing fade more subtly than contouring does so you don’t run the risk of having your features look lopsided at the end of the night. Why strive to look chiseled when you could look like an angelic goddess, instead? We made a video to help you out!

Try: Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter

So there you have it, go forth and have your great date on V-Day! Or not! It's up to you. Just remember to have fun with friends, alone, or have a chill day with the person you love the most. We just want you to look fabulous whatever you end up doing. ;)