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JC Buendia for Kaschieca: Downton Abbey 90+ years into the future

Do you guys watch Downton Abbey? YOU SHOULD. It's a historical drama about the lives of an English titled family and their servants in the early 20th century. Affecting them all are events happening in the larger world like the sinking of the Titanic and the first World War. The actors are fantastic, the story, poignant, and the clothes! My dears, you shall be inspired.

The ladies wore charming tea dresses with immaculate, softly tailored tops. While we can still definitely do this today, wouldn't it be a little impractical to be walking around in heavy lace and full-length dresses? It is. Which is why I love JC Buendia's collection for Kashieca: it's inspired by Downton Abbey, except the clothes are made for the 21st century no-fuss working woman.

Don't expect any print-crazy trendy stuff. JC Buendia had something a lot more sophisticated and body-friendly in mind! The collection is full of figure enhancing tops and bottoms done in practical fabrics that can handle daily wear and tear.

The cuts aren't the sort that you'll see in your average Bangkok and China rebranded stores. Since the clothes are exclusively designed, you get the extensive experience and knowledge of the female body only a trained designer can give to his work.

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