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My Palmolive Naturals Stylista shopping date with Marie

“When I shop, I just get what I like on the mannequins! I don’t like looking around!” said a friend of mine over lunch. I was marginally scandalized. I’m a person who can’t settle on a purchase without seeing everything first. How can I possibly make an informed decision if I don’t know all my options? How can anyone else?

Hehe, seriously, I think of shopping somewhat like a game. And I loooove having a companion to shop for. A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied the winner of my Palmolive Naturals Stylista Speaks contest  to her shopping spree at Forever 21 Makati. It was such a fun experience because it’s my first time to go shopping with a new friend!


Her name is Marie. She’s a pretty just-out-of-college woman who is very sweet and kikay. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart (well except for the sweet part, har di har har). She wanted to find good deals at first since some items were on sale, but I persuaded her to invest in some pieces that I think she’ll enjoy wearing again and again! I also gave her my tried-and-tested shopping tips, which I shall post here!


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How to enhance your naturally fair skin (plus get a chance to win a shopping spree from Palmolive!)

Fair-skinned girls are lucky in the sense that they can pull off a wider range of colors. Anything from pastels to jewel tones look good on fair skin! But, the basics first! If you have fair skin, here are a few tips on how to enhance it with makeup.  

1. Wear pink! Pink is a bright and cheery color that anyone can pull off. If you wear coordinating blush, lips, and nails, the pink will bring out your skin’s cooler (lighter) tones. If you have warm/yellow undertones, go for warm shades like hot pink and fuchsia. If you have cool undertones, go for blue-based and/or pastel pinks.

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