My Palmolive Naturals Stylista shopping date with Marie

“When I shop, I just get what I like on the mannequins! I don’t like looking around!” said a friend of mine over lunch. I was marginally scandalized. I’m a person who can’t settle on a purchase without seeing everything first. How can I possibly make an informed decision if I don’t know all my options? How can anyone else?

Hehe, seriously, I think of shopping somewhat like a game. And I loooove having a companion to shop for. A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied the winner of my Palmolive Naturals Stylista Speaks contest  to her shopping spree at Forever 21 Makati. It was such a fun experience because it’s my first time to go shopping with a new friend!


Her name is Marie. She’s a pretty just-out-of-college woman who is very sweet and kikay. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart (well except for the sweet part, har di har har). She wanted to find good deals at first since some items were on sale, but I persuaded her to invest in some pieces that I think she’ll enjoy wearing again and again! I also gave her my tried-and-tested shopping tips, which I shall post here!


Fit should always be your first consideration when buying clothes. Know your body type and what works with it. If something doesn’t look right, don’t force it even if you really like the item. You’ll find that you won’t wear it often - if at all - once you have it in your closet.

Look for good fabric. Thin, haplessly-made clothes tear and fade easily. It’s best to go for finer and thicker fabrics because you’re guaranteed a longer shelf life. You don’t necessarily have to spend extra for this, thankfully. I find that there’s a lot of sturdy clothes priced just as much as the flighty-looking ones. You just have to look. 

Great find: this little black dress comes in a thick, slightly heavy material, making it look more elegant than its price tag. 

Work with your skin tone, not against it! Marie has fair skin that Palmolive Naturals White & Moisture Soap has definitely helped her maintain, thanks to its 100% natural Papaya and Songyi mushroom extracts that help brighten skin in just one week*, so blush tones, bright shades of pink, and pastels look fab on her. Yellow, turquoise, and brown, not so much. For morena-toned gals, I would recommend emerald, golden, and earthy colors for their skin to stand out.

And that’s it! Hope you found these tips useful. It was a pleasure shopping with Marie, so thanks Palmolive for the experience! Guys, don’t forget to follow the Palmolive Naturals Facebook Page to catch future promos like this. ;)

*based on instrumental mexameter reading; when used twice daily

***This post is brought to you by Palmolive Naturals***