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Makeup for working out: This is Clinique's new line for your next exercise session

Beach season may be over, but the desire to stay healthy should be enough motivation to keep your gym sessions consistent. Getting that post-workout glow (whether naturally or via beauty tricks) doesn’t hurt either! And to keep that healthy flush going before, during, and after your exercise session, Clinique Fit is now in the Philippines with seven new products that keep up with that active lifestyle.

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Here's how to achieve that post-workout glow (minus the sweating part)

I can’t be the only one who loves that post-workout glow – it leaves my skin looking supple, moisturized, and a little flushed. That’s how I want my skin to look all day everyday! It’s all natural and very glowy but sadly, with all the sweating involved, it’s also unhygienic and possibly stinky. Instead, you can cheat your way into scoring that athletic glow, without breaking a sweat!

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Review: Inches Off Instant Body Shaper

It's not a secret that I am extremely conscious about my weight. I exercise and I try so hard to eat right, but it's an uphill challenge. It's always easier to lie to myself that I won't get fat if I miss one exercise or eat one bag of chips - I keep doing it until suddenly, my waistline is an inch fatter.

While there is no, and I repeat, no better way to lose weight than to eat right and exercise, a girl can always use the help of waist-shapers like girdles and corsets. I am not advocating them as a permanent way of life, but they are pretty useful while you're trying to get a slammin' body (and hopefully a healthy one as well)! One product that I've recently tried is the Inches Off Instant Body Shaper.

I got the High Waist Tummy Flattener Firm Control Panty. I wore it the other day under a thin, jersey dress and I can really see and feel the difference.

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