How I lost over a kilo with the 20-Day Kilo Off Challenge!

Sometimes, all you need is a little push. That’s how I approached the Kilo Off 20-Day Challenge. Admittedly, I had some trepidation about how my body would react but I was assured that the products are FDA-approved, produced according to pharmaceutical standards, and made in France using all-natural ingredients. So as soon as I read up on the basic instructions of the program and weighed in, I was game to give it a go.

The rules are fairly simple: I was instructed to take the Kilo Off Liquid Drink (Slimming) after breakfast daily for a total of 16 consecutive days, and the Kilo Off Powder Drink after lunch daily for a total of 20 consecutive days. These are food supplements, so it is still necessary to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

The blackcurrant-flavored Slimming Liquid Drink (P895 a bottle) conveniently comes with its own measuring cup. After pouring out a shot, it can be consumed undiluted or mixed with a glass of water. If I’m in a hurry, I’d just take the shot but it's nicer to enjoy mixed with half a glass of water and lots of ice! The tart-sweet flavor is pleasant and reminds me of concentrated prune juice.

Meanwhile, the Powder Drink (P995 for 10 sachets) is a lot like your typical effervescent tablet vitamin drink. After shaking the contents of the sachet into a glass, add water and wait ten seconds before stirring. It fizzes when mixed with the water and has a citrus-y taste. Don’t be surprised if there are jelly-like patches in the drink. It’s the pectin from the fruit used to make the drink, just like the stuff you find in jam!

I didn't go on a diet but I used calorie-counting app My Fitness Pal to help me keep track of my eating habits. I would log in all the food I’ve eaten in a meal, and the app computes how much calories, sugar, and sodium I've consumed. Knowing what's in my food made me more conscious about selecting healthier choices, so I actually found this quite empowering. What’s more, calorie counting does also leave room for little indulgences! I could treat myself to a bit of chocolate or dessert, as long as I stayed within the sugar and fat limit. If I wanted to eat more, I could even "earn" a higher calorie limit by fitting in some dance cardio in my routine. I also consciously increased my water intake to help me feel more full, particularly before meal time. 

Now, for a little bit of drama: halfway through the challenge, I got a nasty flu! While there was no specific indication that Kilo Off would counteract with my medication, I decided it would be best to let my body rest. Some of the ingredients in both the liquid drink and the powder drink are known to be energizing, so I didn’t want my system confused when I should be recuperating in bed. To make sure that I stayed on track even without Kilo Off and exercise, I stuck to my calorie-counting food regimen After a few days' rest and with my cold gone, I resumed the challenge until its completion.

The Kilo Off experience was actually fun, and I lost three pounds while I was at it! That is 1.3 kilos! I didn’t feel all that deprived or restricted, because I could still have my pick of food. I also loved that the drinks were tasty as they actually helped wean me off a bad soda habit. After the challenge, I realized that I hadn’t had any sugary juices or soft drinks since starting the program, and I didn’t even miss them! 

Before Kilo Off

Before Kilo Off

After Kilo Off

After Kilo Off

If you’re afraid of laxative effects that some diet products are known for, then I’m happy to report that I didn’t feel any difference in the frequency of my bathroom breaks. I didn’t feel any major changes, except that the Powder Drink did help in keeping me feeling full for longer.

It was easy to get into the groove of this particular diet program, mainly because I didn’t suffer any discomfort whatsoever. I didn’t feel starved and or like I was about to hulk out from a dreaded case of “hangry”. I would definitely use Kilo Off again the next time I need to “reset” my diet, because I felt healthy and safe taking it. Of course, I encourage anyone who is interested to try the program to do their research beforehand and check if it’s compatible for your health and lifestyle before taking the plunge.

So do you feel like you’re up for the challenge? Here are some tips to help you succeed the Kilo Off Challenge:

  • Drink plenty of water. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's easy to forget when you're busy. Well, there are apps for that! Plant Nanny and Hydro Coach remind you to stay hydrated, and they even tailor-fit recommendations according to your body weight and level of activity.
  • Cut down on your sodium intake. Especially for women, excess sodium can trigger bloating, so lay off the fast food and pre-packaged food. Using a calorie counter made me realize how there's sodium in almost everything, even the crackers that you thought were "healthier" than chips.
  • Vary your workout routine. Keep it fresh by switching up the exercises every now and then. The challenge of trying something new maintains that exciting, life-changing feeling.
  • Do it with a buddy. There’s strength in numbers. Making a fitness pact with a friend will be a sort of check-and-balance system, and you can even challenge each other on who'll lose the most weight!

Would you take the Kilo Off Challenge? What are your secrets for losing weight effectively and safely?

Kilo Off is available in Watsons stores. You may also check their Facebook Page for more information.


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