Makeup for working out: This is Clinique's new line for your next exercise session

Beach season may be over, but the desire to stay healthy should be enough motivation to keep your gym sessions consistent. Getting that post-workout glow (whether naturally or via beauty tricks) doesn’t hurt either! And to keep that healthy flush going before, during, and after your exercise session, Clinique Fit is now in the Philippines with seven new products that keep up with that active lifestyle.

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I usually don’t have makeup on when working out, and on the rare times that I do, I opt for a polbo and lip tint look for fear of getting a smudgy, panda look afterwards. I am definitely a pawisin type of person, and my workouts of choice tend to be medium to high intensity in nature (like Isometrics and Muay Thai). To check how truly life-proof and sweat-resistant this line is, I’ve been using Clinique Fit for my workout FOTDs, and I’m ready to share the results!

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I was impressed to see that the Workout Makeup (P1,850) was designed to consider outdoor activities and thus formulated with SPF40 PA+++. Despite the sunscreen feature, the formula is runny, dries fast, and doesn’t leave a white cast. The shade I got from the press kit is 63 Deep. It is beige-toned and would probably suit NC20-NC30 skin better, but the coverage is sheer enough that it I’m able to use it for a liquid bronzer/tinted moisturizer effect. Two passes are enough to take care of my skin’s usual redness, but blemishes and hyperpigmentation are still visible and require concealer.

While exercising, I did notice some foundation transfer on my towel but not as much as other non-long wear foundations I’ve tried in the past. It did become a little patchy on my jaw after the workout, but the sheerness of the coverage makes it less obvious.


The Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder (P1,700) is a yellow-toned, self-dispensing loose powder with a built-in puff applicator for toning down an excessive post-workout flush. I used it to set the Workout Makeup as well as to touch up after exercising, and I like how easily it conceals redness and leaves a satin matte finish. My main hang-up, however, is how it might not be so hygienic that the applicator cannot be detached and cleaned, especially when used on a sweaty face. Occasionally spraying the puff with alcohol is probably the best solution.

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To snag the rosy-cheeked flush even before my workout begins, I dab on a little bit of the Lip + Cheek Flush (P1,100). The jam-like gel formula is pretty much foolproof, allowing for enough time to blend with fingers before drying. Pink in Motion, a grapey purplish pink, is the only color available at the moment. I like that is a universally flattering shade and results in an “I-don’t-know-where-the-blush-ends-and-my-post-workout-flush-begins” look. As with most lip tints, the stain tends to settle on dry patches on the lips, so starting with a hydrated pout is ideal. It also stains the fingers.


For subtly defined eyes, the Workout 24-Hour Mascara (P1,400) gives length without the clumps, thanks to a fiber-type formula. The bristles on the applicator are short and skinny. They can get to the lashes on the inner and outer corners of my monolid eyes without any trouble! Post-exercise, I did notice that some of the fibers had come off and landed my undereye area from the towel-wiping that I did but I was able to dab them away easily.


Sweating it out may be good for your body and your skin but it would be really gross to just leave it on. If allowed to stay on, the sweat can irritate skin and even cause pimples! The Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes (P450) are ideal for those who aren’t able to reach for a facial wash immediately, or for those who just want to take off their makeup pre-shower. I found the liquid solution refreshing on my skin, and the wipes were able to mildly exfoliate as well as remove all traces of makeup, including the 24-Hour Mascara, with a little more effort.

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The Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray can be used to set the Neutralizing Face Powder, or to refresh skin before proceeding with the Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer (P1,550). Both the Spray and the Cleansing Swipes contain witch hazel, but without the telltale scent. The moisturizer is non-greasy and leaves a satiny finish. Though it does list dimethicone as one of its ingredients, it has more of a light moisturizer finish than that of a silicone primer. The consistency and texture is reminiscent of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

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Clockwise from top-left: Mattifying Moisturizer, Lip + Cheek Flush, Workout Makeup

Clockwise from top-left: Mattifying Moisturizer, Lip + Cheek Flush, Workout Makeup

In all the times that I used these while working out, my makeup held up pretty well even though I wasn’t careful about wiping sweat off. Clinique Fit offers great options for looking polished even during vigorous activity, so you can focus on fitness instead of worrying about your FOTD.

Do you wear makeup while exercising? What are your go-to’s? List them on the comments below!