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Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Facial Scrub

I've been using the Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub since 2010. Seriously. It's one of the mainstays in my bathroom since it's the best scrub I've ever tried! I love the green tea scent and how it exfoliates and moisturizes my skin at the same time. It's a drugstore product that up to this day earns a spot in my HG list - if you haven't tried it yet, well, you really should. ^_^

That said, I was pretty excited when the Asian Secrets Lulur Facial Scrub (P70/50g and P120/100g) came out. It promises to do what the body scrub does, which is to gently cleanse skin with lulur beads and whiten it at the same time. I like it because it's so gentle that it can actually double as a daily facial wash! Promise, the exfoliating beads are so soft that you won't even feel like you're using a scrub.

Nonetheless, it's an effective product in removing dead skin and mild blackheads.

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New Asian Secrets Variants

I really need to be visit drugstore aisles more often. It seems that I'm missing valuable news! If a reader didn't tell me about the new Asian Secrets variants, I wouldn't have known until oh I don't know, next year. Tsk. Anyways, yes it's true: there are now more Asian Secrets products to love!

AS now has two more versions of its best-selling lulur scrub: Licorice and Mulberry Extract (purple) and the Seaweed Extract with Vitamin E (blue). They both smell nice, though they're more on the soapy kind.

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Asian Secrets press launch in SM Makati

Last year, I've had the honor of being the digital endorser of Asian Secrets lulur. It was a very memorable experience! I got to appear on the radio and treat a bride-to-be* to my fave beauty products and a luxurious day at the spa, among other things. The main thrill for me though was getting first dibs on something that proved to be a popular, rave-worthy product



After a year and several jars of Asian Secrets later, I can tell you confidently that the AS lulur is the best body product I've ever tried. It cleans, moisturizes, and smells really good (scent is jasmine). It instantly brightens skin after one use, but overtime, it can somehow lighten dark areas like armpits and elbows. Some women said they didn't notice any lightening; on my end, my dark areas did indeed lighten - within average expectations, of course.

I've said all this many times that sometimes I feel like a broken record, hehe. I'm not paid to say any of this. The best way to find out is to try Asian Secrets for yourself. ;) 


So anyway. A couple of weeks back, Asian Secrets introduced their celebrity endorser, Solenn Heussaf, to the press. If you ask me, it's a perfect match! Solenn has that kind of effortless, natural beauty, the kind of aesthetic that AS lulur promotes. 


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Beauty bloggers gather to try Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub

The last event I organized in 2010 was for a brand that's very dear to my heart. I invited beauty and fashion bloggers to experience the Asian Secrets lulur body scrub the best possible way - why, in a spa, of course! You'll remember that I really enjoyed my time at Qiwellness in Salcedo Village, so I managed to hook up the two brands for this relaxing event.

IMG_9783 by project_vanity.



Screen shot 2011-01-05 at 12.25.49 PM

Happy bloggers!

It was a very casual get-together as bloggers lounged in the soft white chairs of Qiwellness. I just gave them a short introduction about how lulur is part of an ancient Indonesian beautifying ritual for brides.

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The beauty benefits of Green Tea
Traditionally, many types of make-uplotions, creams and beauty preparations have used chemical antioxidants, or vitamins AC and E as preservatives for their products. Now, with research indicating that green tea has even more antioxidant properties than these powerful vitamins, there is a surge in products capitalizing on its natural benefits.


A variety of encouraging studies reveal that the topical application of green tea extract provides broad-spectrum protection against skin aging. These published studies indicate that people can derive anti-aging benefits from green tea extract applied topically on a consistent basis. Animal and human studies have credibly demonstrated that topical green tea formulations reduce sun damage and skin cancer.
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Asian Secrets grand winner's makeover

IMG_9785 by project_vanity.

Beauty blogging has allowed me to reach out to women who want to be more beautiful but just don't know where to begin. Thus, when Asian Secrets asked me to run a contest for them, I was ecstatic! Not often do I get the chance to work with a great product as well as help new people through it. 

After announcing the winners, I set about purchasing and booking P40,000 worth of prizes. Here's my post with pictures of the winners and what they got! This post is about Kirby's makeover.

I was really excited about meeting the bride. I wanted to find out more about her and her wedding plans! Kirby is actually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is now taking Law at the University of the Philippines. Her soon-to-be husband is a scientist. Talk about intimidating!

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Meet the Asian Secrets grand winners (and peek at the prizes!)

Here's the first part of my coverage on the Asian Secrets grand winners!

Kirby, our December bride, said, "I found out rightaway that I won because my Google Reader's subscribed to Project Vanity. I called the fiance immediately 'coz I couldn't contain the excitement. I'm just thankful for the blog's and the company's generosity! I'm glad that I have been chosen by the people behind the product I really love and actually own in my bathroom. I'm glad I have won from a brand I really use. I didn't join for the sake of joining; I joined because I really wanted to share my experience at the same time. ""

Kirby with her Asian Secrets lulur

"Even before Project Vanity’s product review, I was already aware of the product as I have seen its promotional booth in Watson’s Galleria and it got me interested. I thought of purchasing the product on my next visit since I was in a hurry then. So I did."

"I loved it the first time!

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Whitening: should you go for it?

I was very dark-skinned when I was younger. My parents and brother are all fair, so it was a mystery as to why I was so tan! Well, I didn't really mind because even at a young age I was taught to be happy in the skin I'm in. Fair or dark-skinned, I still can achieve the things I want to achieve.

Coming up, a LOL high school photo!

Dark in sophomore (?) year

It was when I was in the senior year of high school when my skin started to lighten, apparently all by itself. I used lotions, but they were purely just for moisturizing. Not that I complained! Having lighter skin gave me confidence when I was in college. I just maintained this color until now with a healthy dose of SPF when going out and making sure to stay out of the sun as much as humanly possible.

Take note, I'm not that maputi, but I suppose I'm fair enough to be mistaken as Korean by around 90% of all cab drivers. -_-

So let me segue to a question: should we lighten our skin? On one hand we should be happy with the color we’re born with. On the other hand, we want to feel better and more comfortable about ourselves by having fairer skin.

My answer?

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Asian Secrets in Yes! and Cosmo magazines

I don't buy magazines. Well, with one exception! I love Yummy because that's where I get ideas for cooking. I mean sure, I can probably find those recipes in the internet, but I buy Yummy because I can tear the pages and bring them to the supermarket. The pictures help me visualize what I'll be making!

As for other magazines like Cosmo, Mega, Preview, I prefer to read them online. It's an entirely different format and there are no editorials but I'm content since I can find those in other sources.

The only time I ever get to leaf through magazines is when I visit my mom's house. She has stacks of the stuff! She loves showbiz so she follows Yes! She gets Cosmo from one of my Titas who lends it to her. Last weekend, I set down my usual routine and started reading some old magazines. Guess what I saw!

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The Great Asian Secrets Giveaway: P40,000 worth of prizes!

I've written before that Indonesian lulur was originally invented for brides who need to look beautiful on their special day. It helps slough off dead skin cells without removing moisture and, if used regularly, should even out and lighten your skin! But of course, great skin, while an absolute must-have, isn't the only thing you need to have on your wedding day. There are other details you need to take care of to get that makeover before the big day!

Asian Secrets wants to congratulate all brides-to-be* out there by giving them a chance to win a full body makeover package worth P15,000. It will include a relaxing spa day, waxing, hair cut, color, facial, nails, makeup lessons, and other similar treatments in the best salons all over the metro. Aside from that, we will also be giving the lucky bride a beauty loot worth P5,000 which she can use on her wedding day. I will be personally handpicking what goes in there (definitely NARS, MAC, and other favorites!). She will also win a supply of Asian Secrets.

Not a bride-to-be? Don't worry! There will be a second winner. The winner will get a 32 gig iPod Touch to help with her daily productivity and lifestyle. She will also get a beauty loot worth P6,000 full of goodies to be handpicked by me. She will also win a supply of Asian Secrets.

My gosh, I already envy the winners. Here's how to join!

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