Asian Secrets in Yes! and Cosmo magazines

I don't buy magazines. Well, with one exception! I love Yummy because that's where I get ideas for cooking. I mean sure, I can probably find those recipes in the internet, but I buy Yummy because I can tear the pages and bring them to the supermarket. The pictures help me visualize what I'll be making!

As for other magazines like Cosmo, Mega, Preview, I prefer to read them online. It's an entirely different format and there are no editorials but I'm content since I can find those in other sources.

The only time I ever get to leaf through magazines is when I visit my mom's house. She has stacks of the stuff! She loves showbiz so she follows Yes! She gets Cosmo from one of my Titas who lends it to her. Last weekend, I set down my usual routine and started reading some old magazines. Guess what I saw!

On Yes! magazine after a feature on Lucy Torres

On Cosmo after a feature on real styling

The Asian Secrets ad looks great no? The model's name is Isabel Roces. If you check her portfolio site, you'll see her naturally beautiful skin that's even and blemish-free. She's gorgeous with minimal makeup on - so envious! Anyway here's a better look of the ad (open the image to view the high-res version):

Ah, how nice it would be to have glowing skin like that. Good thing it's not that unreachable what with all the skincare products out in the market. Better yet, the best ones aren't even expensive! Great skin like Isabel's don't need to burn a hole in your pocket.

Anyway, what do you think? What magazines do you love reading? And if you've tried Asian Secrets yet, let me know how it was. ;)


PS - To make things fun, I will be randomly picking two commenters in this post to win two jars of Asian Secrets. I will announce the winners here by September 18. They can pick up the lulur in the Makati office. Details to be emailed to winners.