Meet the Asian Secrets grand winners (and peek at the prizes!)

Here's the first part of my coverage on the Asian Secrets grand winners!

Kirby, our December bride, said, "I found out rightaway that I won because my Google Reader's subscribed to Project Vanity. I called the fiance immediately 'coz I couldn't contain the excitement. I'm just thankful for the blog's and the company's generosity! I'm glad that I have been chosen by the people behind the product I really love and actually own in my bathroom. I'm glad I have won from a brand I really use. I didn't join for the sake of joining; I joined because I really wanted to share my experience at the same time. ""

Kirby with her Asian Secrets lulur

"Even before Project Vanity’s product review, I was already aware of the product as I have seen its promotional booth in Watson’s Galleria and it got me interested. I thought of purchasing the product on my next visit since I was in a hurry then. So I did."

"I loved it the first time! I didn’t write about it rightaway because I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see how effective the product is. I’ve seen improvements plus the scent is oh-so-good and relaxing. Just what I need after a day’s stress. I use it on my armpits, elbows, knees, and feet everyday… and the whole body on exfoliating days. I know that it’s not good to scrub your skin everyday, but this product I use everyday. It’s mild enough."

"What I do is scrub (as you would normally scrub your skin 2 or three times a week) one day then just lather mildly on the next two days then back to the vigorous scrubbing then two days gentle lather etc etc. So it’s just like exfoliating every three days but with the benefit of using this oh-so-fragrant Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub everyday plus its whitening effects."

Kristine, the other Asian Secrets grand winner, is a banker by day and MBA student at night. "I wanted to win -that’s for sure. Who wouldn’t want free Ipod and about P10,000 worth of makeup? I’m no makeup worshiper. But, I understand the worth of owning them. So when I learned that I won, I was in rapture!"

Kristine says about Asian Secrets: "I love how it fused exfoliating and moisturizing properties in one mixture. The granules feel smooth and even. It doesn't feel harsh unlike most that are available in the exfoliation market. The scent isn't overpowering. Post-scrubbing, you would immediately feel how it softens the skin. Overall, it's a must try for everyone!"

Kristine works at the bank and is not that into makeup, so I got her some basics that she can use during a day at the office and then a night at a nice resto or out partying. Check out the cool prizes that Kristine won! 

Estee Lauder Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, Estee Lauder eye set, iPod Touch, NARS Super Orgasm, MAC Cosmo, Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss, MAC Powerpoint in Engraved, Stila eyeshadow palette

For Kirby, our soon-to-be bride, I picked long-lasting makeup in wearable shades. She can definitely use these on her wedding day, especially the cult favorite blush and lipstick!

Stila Backstage Palette, MAC Cosmo lipstick, MAC Powerpoint in Engraved, NARS Orgasm blush

I'm sure that all these prettifiers will help Kirby and Kathleen look more radiant - of course, with their body moisturizing and whitening all taken care of by Asian Secrets! Now they not only have great skin because of lulur, they will also have extra lovely faces.

Stay tuned next week for my full coverage of Kirby's makeover. ;)