PFW S/S 11 thoughts and comments

I've just finished a marathon publishing session over at the Beauty & Fashion section of I've been at it for the last three hours, sifting through designers and grammatical errors (which are thankfully few). I leave the rest to the proofreaders, should I have missed anything! Next week should be the last week of our PFW S/S 11 coverage. Head on over to see what we've got so far.

Anyway, while looking through the shows, I must say that I am completely underwhelmed. Nothing stands out. In fact, some of the clothes are verging on the ridiculous. I'd like to say that most of the designers tried their best to showcase their skills (like last time), but this season, it seems like a lot of them have toned it down. Is it because most of the shows are sponsored by big brands who are naturally conservative and specific about what they want and don't want on the runway? 

I am trying hard to find the fashion in these:

"Philippine flag pinata." I quote one of my writers.

So unique and fashion-forward

There is A NUDE version of these trunks. It has a tiny ribbon in the middle, EXACTLY like the ones you find in women's bras and panties. That is the stuff of wet dreams for the interested, but as for me, I find it tacky.

I did like a few designs. Here's a couple:

Roland Lirio. Regality and drama personified.

Richard Papa. Sleek and sophisticated makes for a fool-proof dress.

How about you, what do you think of the recently concluded PFW? Did anything speak to you?