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Face Contour Week: Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake

What if a contour powder can actually slim down your face - for good? That's the amazing proposition of the Snoe Slim Shade Me Face Sculpting Cake (P799). It claims to literally contour your face over time, with ingredients like coffee (to firm and tighten skin) and Magnolia Bark Hot Water Extract (to supposedly prevent fat accumulation and creation).

Coffee or caffeine is a common ingredient in cosmetics nowadays, since it's an effective way to quickly tighten skin. It constricts blood vessels and slightly dehydrates the skin thus effectively de-puffing the area. Caffeine is especially useful in eye creams! As for Magnolia Bark extract, I am not so sure. If it were that simple, everyone would be bathing in the stuff. Why bother with dieting, amirite?  

So yes, I would suspend belief about the permanent face slimming properties of any powder. :) That aside I do like the Snoe Slim Shade Me because the color is great for contouring, it's smooth, and it has a good staying power due to the amazonian clay in it.

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Face Contour Week: INGLOT Blush in AMC 52

Continuing our earlier talk about INGLOT, I have here one of their blushes called AMC 52 (P495). This was the only blush shade that I thought fit for contouring, since the other two possible contour shades are either too red or too orange. So is it any good?

Shade. AMC 52 is a neutral tan that looks orange-ish at first swatch but loses that tint as soon as it's blended in. It has a soft matte finish which is ideal for contouring. Now, this was supposed to be my "Goldilocks" shade but upon swatching it on my face at home, I realized how almost undetectable it is on my skin! It's not that the color is sheer; it's just that it's only half a shade darker than my skin tone. 


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Face Contour Week: What's the difference between bronzer and contour powder?

When I announced Face Contour Week, many of you gals became excited about a tutorial. Hold your horses though - that'll be up on Friday! I need a bit of time to shoot it. ;) In the meantime, I decided to answer a question that was asked several times: what's the difference between bronzer and contour powder? Which one should you go for?

These two products are completely different, although some products that are labeled "bronzer" could be used for contouring. Bronzers usually come in coppery or shimmery tan shades and are meant to be applied on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, and chin. It's a product that's designed to create a sun-kissed look - not really to contour, although if your bronzer is deep enough it can be used for that purpose.

Contour powders are usually matte, and can be used define or slightly alter our face shape. You can create a smaller, more angular face with contouring powders. 

My favorite bronzer is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze, while my best contour powder is the MAC Blush in Harmony.

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Face Contour Week: Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Contouring is my best friend. I have a wide, round face that needs all the help it can get! That's not to say I'm addicted to contouring; I only apply some when I'm going somewhere important. I'm not looking to fake the shape of my face forever. I just want it to look defined in photos and harsh lighting.

If you're after the same thing then this week is dedicated to you. Find out what my new contouring finds are, my favorite brushes to contour with, and my current technique, all in the next few days!


I'll start with something incredibly cheap yet fairly impressive: the Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder (P250). This is a blush/ contour duo that's pigmented and looks amazing on my skin. Surprise, surprise. It's been ages since I purchased anything from Elf, so I'm glad that it now offers nice products even at such a low price.


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