Staff Picks: Insta-treatments to banish zits ASAP

Zippity zappity boo! Don’t we all wish that we can banish blemishes in a flick of a magic wand? Getting zits and pimples can be awfully stressful for us beauty addicts, but it’s sadly a reality that most of us have to deal with. So whether you’re calling the curtains on that one pesky scene-stealer or waging a war on a full-scale breakout, the PV Team has got your pimple concerns covered. Check out our emergency treatments in beating these unwelcome visitors!

Liz: The Leaders AC Dressing Patch is a plastic adhesive that I place on top of a pimple overnight. By the next day, my pimple is almost gone or considerably less swollen. Aside from that, I tend to go for a classic, the VMV ID Monolaurin Gel. I've been using this for YEARS! It has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient (monolaurin) so my skin behaves and stops the drama.

Den: I don't usually get acne (thanks, dry skin) but when I do, they seem all the more "tawag pansin". I immediately treat any suspicious-looking bumps with Benzac AC, and if it's a zit it usually "ripens" by the next day so I can easily pop it with a cotton bud. Since it's a wound, I apply Calmoseptine so it heals faster. My admittedly gross habit doesn't usually leave any blemishes, but I'm ready with Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector if ever!

Rae: I discovered the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot two months ago. I wish I found out about it sooner because it's so good! It has salicylic acid and zinc oxide, and it smells a lot like calamine lotion. It significantly reduces inflammation overnight!

Katsy: I find that just leaving a pimple alone works best for me to avoid the dark spot that seems to stay on forever.

Jorj: I didn't care much for emergency pimple treatments until I discovered the Leaders Anti-Trouble mask via the PV Anniversary loot bag. It's amazing! As in, my jaw dropped when I saw how much my pimples and marks have subsided after taking off the mask. And for P78 per sheet, it's definitely a steal!

Stacie: I rarely get big angry pimples but when I do, I apply a topical treatment called S.O.S. Clindamycin Phosphate which has antibiotic properties. I use it after I wash my face. It's effective and cheap at only P98 each!

Angela: I usually just let my pimple heal and fade over time. But if it gets more intense than usual, I use any product with salicylic acid. So far, Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions has proved its effectiveness on me. When I stopped using it to try another moisturizer, I immediately got two pimples on my forehead! Ok, I am never straying again.

Marielle: I don't think my pimples vanish overnight, but whatever little bit to get the inflammation down helps. I like to use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2, a very strong toner, followed by the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I've had that small little bottle for years, but it's still usable. (I'm hygienic with it, of course! No double-dipping.)

Kim: The most effective spot treatment that I have tried (and I have tried many) is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I apply a thin film on my trouble spots every night until it goes away completely, which usually takes me just two to three nights. I’ve also been on the Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions line for about half a month now and I like it so far. The pimples that I have on my forehead and chin areas are healing pretty well!

VB: My skin has been acting up lately, and none of my old staples have been working except for spot treatments. So I rely on tea tree oil! I use Human Nature's Acne Defense Gel for smaller, more "mature" (ready to pop) pimples, while I alternate between Zenutrient's Blemish Oil and The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil. From everything I've tried, I find that tea tree oil really does the job in the most effective and natural way possible. Now if only I could find a really good spot remover.

How about you? What’s your secret to beating these skin troubles to submission? If you have an instant, magical solution to pimples, we’d really want to know!