Six low maintenance beauty habits to share with your man

My idea of a low maintenance beauty routine is cutting down my skincare to four steps and taking 15 minutes tops for application. My boyfriend’s idea? Skincare activities that can be done once every couple of weeks and that will require low to zero physical effort on his part! We're working on it, but if you’re lucky enough to find a guy who believes in sunscreen, hold them close and consider me envious. For SO's that are as low maintenance as mine is though, here are six beauty activities that you can still do together to help him get used to the idea of taking care of his skin.



The key to coaxing my lazy boyfriend to commit to skincare is instant gratification. If he can see and feel results after just one use, he’s more likely to say yes the next time I ask him on a beauty date! I had him #shookt the first time I let him try the Cure Natural Aqua Gel. He was amazed at how smooth, clear, and brightened his skin was after one use that he considered buying a bottle for his mom (and himself). The magic of exfoliation can really be eye opening for first timers. Just don’t let him get over excited with scrubbing, and school him on the horrors of over-exfoliation!



It might take a lot of pleases and kisses but I guarantee there’s a 95% chance that he will ask for a second facial (and a third, and a fourth...) after the first time. It’s one hour of napping and eventually waking up to clean, smooth, bump-free skin with a bonus back massage to boot - what’s not to like?! It might be just a tiny bit painful to get extractions but that tiis-gwapo realness is worth it!

Sheet Masking

If Sergeant Seo can do it, there is no excuse. Thankfully my boyfriend actually enjoys sheet masking with me because it moisturizes his skin in an instant and fixes up his dry flakes. Tip: Pop your sheet masks in the fridge before use and enjoy the 10-minute cool treat!

Foot Masking

Foot spas have been out of my vocabulary ever since foot peeling masks came into my life. So is the case for my boyfriend, who keeps his own backups of the Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask! He was initially grossed out when my dead skin started peeling off in chunks after using Baby Foot. His curiosity and seeing the callouses falling off eventually won him over though. Most foot peeling masks require 60 to 90 minutes of soaking to work so you can turn your foot peeling session into quality time watching movies and eating pizza. It does take a week or so to reap the rewards of baby-smooth feet but the effect can last a good two to three months.


Nose Strips

Seeing the gunk come out of your skin and being pulled off by a nose strip is a guilty pleasure we can all admit to having, my SO included! Pore strips are grossly satisfying and can leave the problematic nose area feeling clean for a couple of days. While experts agree that pore strips can only offer superficial and short-term cleansing, they’re still enjoyable to use and won’t harm non-sensitive skin contrary to myths.

Eyebrow Threading

In case you missed it, eyebrow grooming can really do wonders for your looks no matter the gender - we even put it to the test. I actually have male friends who get their eyebrows threaded on the regular and they couldn’t be happier with the results. It takes just 10 minutes every month and will set you back P200 to P700 depending on your brow bar of choice. Now I’m still convincing my guy to soldier through the pain so help me pray that our #CoupleGoals will one day soon include #KilayGoals.

Are you already beauty buddies, or are you still trying to convince your man to do their skincare? Share this article with them and cross your fingers!