This Smells Amazing: The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter

I adore the permeating scent of spiced pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon inside coffee shops this time of the year. I'm not into sugary coffees so I usually pass on the holiday drinks, but the smell - it's when I know that Christmas is approaching. The Body Shop has just whipped up that mouthwatering scent and put it in their pre-holiday collection called Vanilla Pumpkin, which is already out in stores now.

They sent over the Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter (P995) and I can't. Stop. Using it. It's infused with that sweet, sweet scent of vanilla and a hint of roasted pumpkin. They've also added some tonka bean, hazelnut, and maple syrup to seal the deal. If you've always wanted to smell like your fave holiday drink then you need this in your life!

The actual formula of the body butter does feel a little bit different to me though. I've had a few tubs of their classic body butters through the years, but this one has a considerably more runny texture than usual. TBS Body Butters typically have a solid texture; the Vanilla Pumpkin one feels bouncy and wet. It offers the same heavy hydration though, and a small amount still goes a long way. 

The scent lasts quite a long time on me, about six hours minimum. If I use it before I sleep (top tip to help me sleep better!), I wake up with my sheets smelling like Vanilla Pumpkin. It's like an extra treat in the morning. If you like the scent, there's also a Hand Cream, Shower Gel, and perfume in the line.

I will probably buy a backup or two of this one when I run out. I know my boyfriend will like this on me too, since he always keeps bugging me about using more vanilla scents. ;) It's pretty pricey but I do think it can even stand in for perfume. Highly recommend this if you like sweetly-scented skincare. If not, of course, this is not worth the price tag as there are less expensive body lotions that does the same job.

Sniff it na at your nearest The Body Shop store. What do you think of this new line?