The Mask-imalist Approach: The different Origins masks for different skin issues

For all my love of skincare and the calming ritual it creates, there are days when I only have the time and energy to wash my face and nothing else. Neglect plus the stress I'm feeling inevitably shows up on my complexion: dull and dry, rough and red, and if I'm really unlucky, a surprise pimple or two. I know that I can get it back on the chok-chok track once I get my routine going again but who doesn't want a quick-fix savior? That's what a mask can do - jumpstart your way to better skin!

Fortunately, Origins is something of a one-stop shop for every kind of face mask you might need. The brand is actually a big proponent of "multimasking" or applying different mask formulas to different parts of the face. This concept just makes so much sense because each area has its own specialized needs. For example, the nose surface might be clogged with blackheads while cheeks feel dry and rough. A single product can't treat both problems as they're vastly different!

That's why Origins has come up with an impressive lineup of masking solutions, with each one formulated for a specific skin concern. I love that they all come in tubes, as you can easily dispense just the amount you need, and you don't end up with a big bunch of foil packets in the trash. That's more economical and environment-friendly compared to sheet masks!


There are five masks formulas that Origins is best known for:

  • Clear Improvements (P1,500) is an active charcoal mask that cleans pores. Liz loves using this whenever her skin feels bumpy or she has a breakout. Charcoal is regarded for its ability to filer out impurities from the skin, and Origins's formula is smooth and gentle enough to use even on irritated skin.
  • Original Skin (P1,500) is a retexturizing mask made with Mediterranean rose clay. It's one of the few clay masks that my dry skin can use comfortably because it contains jojoba beads! I give it extra brownie points for the pretty pink color and ability to mattify without feeling like all the moisture was sucked from your face.
  • Out of Trouble (P1,500) has a nice minty smell that reminds me of toothpaste but it's definitely a safer and much more effective solution! This ultra absorbent mask reduces oil, helps prevent breakouts, and treats active ones with zinc oxide and sulfur. Just apply on misbehaving skin, leave on for 10 minutes, then wash off those looming pimples.
  • Drink Up Intensive (P1,800) is an ultra-rich sleeping mask that gives intense hydration with avocado and apricot kernel oils. I love how this moisturizes my skin as well its delicious smell! Putting this on my face while stuck in traffic makes my Uber rides productive and fun; the cream sinks into the skin so there are no weird faces to worry about.
  • Drink Up (P1,500) is lighter, 10-minute version that you can apply before doing your daily face. Woke up to find some dry patches? Slap this on. You can pretty much use this as a moisturizer, too, as it's designed to be tissued off. Skin doesn't quite feel as slick as with its Intensive sister, so I feel this would wear well even under makeup.

While those five may be the basics, Origins has also ventured into more specific treatments:

  • The Mega Mushroom Skin-Relief Mask (P3,250) is the solution for people with sensitive or easily irritated skin that's prone to redness (raises hand). It contains the famous Reishi mushroom that the Dr. Weil line is known for, which helps to relieve skin as well as boosting its resilience.
  • The Ginzing Peel-Off Mask (P1,650) makes you look cute AF while improving the state of your skin. The metallic rose gold formula refreshes skin, refines pores, and boosts radiance with the help of a staple pick-me-up: coffee beans! Enjoy peeling it off (without any pain) to reveal instantly brighter skin.
  • The By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask (P2,400) reminds me of those trendy Kbeauty carbonated masks, but at least this doesn't threaten to overrun your face. The foam is light, not fizzy, and feels like a gently cleansing icing on the skin. It contains kaolin clay so it's another great clay mask option for sensitive or dry-skinned folks.

And before any masking session, it's best to spritz on the Maskimizer (P1,150) to prep your skin! I love the idea of a mask primer and have only seen it so far in Origins. Considering that masks are supercharged skincare, you definitely want to make sure that your skin is primed to reap all those benefits. I also find that applying this before solid masks like clay, charcoal, or peels makes them easier to remove.


I've rediscovered my love for masking with these tubes since I find them so much easier to use and apply compared to sheet masks but if you really prefer those, Origins has those, too! Like I said, they have all the masks you need, made with well-designed formulas, and featuring choice, sustainable ingredients. And I must say, everything just smells so good in natural, plant-y kind of way! 

Have you ever tried an Origins face mask before? What are your faves for fighting your skincare troubles?