You should use primer for your face mask. Yes, it's a thing!

If I had a They'll Probably Never Make That List for beauty products, I'd most likely include mask primer. It seems so pointless and honestly a bit of a waste of time. But there is such a thing as a serum primer, after all. Why not the same for masks? 

Once the people from Origins explained it to me, the practice started to make sense. Basically, a mask primer can make your chosen mask penetrate better and thus work more effectively. It also helps your mask come off quicker so you can wash it with minimal rubbing. If you've worn a clay mask before then you know how much of a struggle it is to remove! It'd be nice if doing so wasn't such a hassle.

Origins' new Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer (P1,150) promises to make your mask's effects more potent and the removal process smoother. How? This mostly water-based formula has ingredients that will help your mask's ingredients in turn go into your skin a little deeper. It also citric acid, flower and fruit extracts, and caffeine that will help to instantly brighten skin via a mild exfoliation.

The Maskimizer feels a bit warm a minute after you spray it on your skin. It has barely any scent. After it dries, you can proceed with applying your mask - any mask, be it clay, soap-based, or even sheet mask - the usual way. I notice that my skin would be incredibly bright and smoother than normal when I use the Maskmizer before my fave mask!

Do you need it? Well, it's a pretty effective product that does what it says. But if you don't have much time for an extra step or if you're already super happy with how your clays or sheets work, then you can live without it. It's great to have though if you need that extra boost.

Speaking of boosts, I am also loving the newest actual mask from Origins called By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask (P2,400). This is the first foaming facial mask I've ever tried - yup, it foams instantly! When you pump it out and apply it on your skin, it thickens into a rich foam without any prodding. Then, you leave it on for about ten minutes. The foam is re-activated with water after which it washes off quickly!

This is an awesome mask because it's brightening and also cleanses my pores thoroughly (it has kaolin clay). This is perfect for busy people like me who can't really spend 30 or even 20 minutes to wait for a clay/sheet mask to dry completely. This is fast and it works. It's become part of my weekly ritual since it nourishes my skin while removing some deep-seated oil and dirt.

I use about two pumps for my face, spread it and then wash it. I would spritz some Maskimizer first if I need extra help. Love how my skin looks afterward! Don't you agree it looks so refreshed after just 10 minutes?

So there you go, Origins' latest and coolest! What do you think of the Maskimizer? How much time do you spend masking every week? (I hope you are masking because it's such a great way to boost skin for less, compared to professional facials at least.)

Origins is available in SM Makati, SM Megamall, and SM Mall of Asia.