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The Mask-imalist Approach: The different Origins masks for different skin issues

For all my love of skincare and the calming ritual it creates, there are days when I only have the time and energy to wash my face and nothing else. Neglect plus the stress I'm feeling inevitably shows up on my complexion: dull and dry, rough and red, and if I'm really unlucky, a surprise pimple or two. I know that I can get it back on the chok-chok track once I get my routine going again but who doesn't want a quick-fix savior? That's what a mask can do - jumpstart your way to better skin!

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This is good: La Mer The Brilliance White Mask Soothing Primer + Gel Cream

Masking has become a habit - okay, an obsession - of mine in the last couple of years. It's the most effective way to jolt my skin back to life, after I've abused it with stress, poor diet, and unwise skincare choices! This is why I have so many different masks (mud, sheet, leave-on, you name it) stocked up in my shelf. I've got masks for acne, dry skin, tired skin, or just generally unhappy-with-the-world skin because one never knows when disaster will strike.

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