The 110-peso lip & cheek stains that are rocking Instagram

While other girls bring extra tubes of lipstick, I always make sure to bring a lip and cheek stain with me. I love that it is a dual-purpose product and that you only need to use a small amount. Many different brands now offer tints at varying price points, but there's a new one that you should definitely know about.

It’s not every day that you hear about a new beauty product from outside of Metro Manila, so I got really excited when I heard about an indie brand that came out with its own line of tints. KJM All-Natural Cosmetics is a Davao-based company that sells stains and balms. Their Cheek Lip Stains are getting a lot of hype on Instagram (they have almost 30,000 followers), and the brand even counts celebrities like Sofia Andres and Alexa Ilacad among its biggest fans!

KJM Cosmetics has a total of ten shades and I got to try these five gorgeous ones: Fused, Bittersweet Magenta, Bloodshot, Summer Kiss, and Dolled

Swatches on my morena skin: Fused, Bittersweet Magenta, Bloodshot, Summer Kiss, and Dolled

Swatches on my morena skin: Fused, Bittersweet Magenta, Bloodshot, Summer Kiss, and Dolled


Fused a violet-colored tint that looks looks stunning on both my cheeks and lips. It looks really natural on my cheeks and subtly brightens my complexion with its blue undertone. The violet shade is more apparent on the lips but subtle enough to use every day on the cheeks

Bittersweet Magenta has a cool, slightly brick red color. It doesn’t appear magenta on me, but it does make my skin look brighter and my teeth appear whiter! You can choose this if you want a more noticeable flush than Fused. It’s one of my favorites from the line.

If you want a stand out color on your face, you should definitely choose Bloodshot. It makes my lips look blood red and is very apparent on the cheeks. This is a great alternative for your red powder or cream blushes. It has a warmer tone compared to Bittersweet Magenta and seems to have a more intense pigmentation as well, so be careful when applying this. A small amount goes a long way.

Summer Kiss definitely lives up to its name. I just got a tan and it blends nicely with my skin (in real life, I look darker). I think I applied too much in this photo, though. This is a great shade for morenas but the orange tint is much too distinct on fairer skin tones. I like using this as a blush but applying the orange hue to my lips make my teeth look more yellow than usual.

Dolled  is a bright rose color and looks lovely and dainty. I think it will work well with any skin tone, and using it as a blush makes me feel like I’m “blooming”. This is also one of my favorites from the line!

As most tints go, these tints don’t have any moisturizing properties so make sure to apply some lip balm after swiping on color. For the cheeks, it's best to apply the tints on bare skin or at most, over a wet, un-powdered base. Otherwise they will streak! They also taste slightly bitter but I can tolerate it. The packaging is quite unique for a lip and cheek stain as the tiny tubes are fitted with a roller ball applicator which dispenses the product in small amounts and saves you the trouble of using a brush. It also keeps the product from spilling. You'll have to shake the tube a little to dispense the stain.

If you like lip and cheek tints like I do, you should get these! They are so affordable at only P110 each plus shipping. The wide variety of shades also makes it easier to find something you’ll like and give you leeway to create a number of different looks.

Are you looking forward to trying these? Let us know which one got your attention the most!

Find KJM Cosmetics on Instagram and Facebook. Visit their online store for orders.