What we love (and don’t love) about the Happy Skin Honeymoon Glow Collection

I wrote about Happy Skin’s Honeymoon Glow lipstick when it launched four years ago. It was an instant hit for me, as the color is beautiful and flattering on any skin tone! That’s why it’s no surprise that Happy Skin decided to create a full collection inspired by the shade. There’s now a quad eyeshadow palette, a contour and highlight duo, lip & cheek tints, and a nail polish in addition to the existing Honeymoon Glow lip products (two lipstick formulas, one liquid lipstick, and a liner).


I immediately tested everything as soon as I got them, so below is my first impressions + application video. Yep, I’ve been doing a lot of videos lately! I actually just uploaded my very first vlog today.

Anyhoo, here are a few more thoughts on the collection after using it for a week now.


The Happy Skin All Eyes on Hue Eyeshadow Honeymoon Glow Edition (P1,099) is fast becoming one of my favorite quads of all time. I love the color selection - everything is wearable just as a single color, or combined together for a more complex show stopping look. The formula is pretty good as well. The colors are creamy, pigmented, easy to blend, and feels like expensive eyeshadow.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t like the packaging. The palette is way too big for just four pans of color. It’s the same layout as the first Happy Skin eyeshadow quad also released four years ago. There are also instructions which I personally don’t need and also find confusing (“layer #2 underneath #3 as a base” - what?). I guess if you’re an eyeshadow beginner this could be useful but well, if you’re an absolute beginner, then would you know exactly how to apply makeup on your lower lash line without looking positively owly? Would a beginner know how to do eyeliner?

I feel like the instructions could be placed in cards or maybe a booklet inserted in the box. They can also be published on their website and social media platforms. I would have preferred a mirror, or a more compact container so it’s easier to bring.


The Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit Honeymoon Glow Edition (P1,299) also is a pretty great product in terms of color selection and pigmentation. I’m really glad that Happy Skin decided to change the highlight color! It’s now a more exciting peachy champagne that looks fabulous on skin without being too obnoxious. I made a swatch of the old Sculptacular duo for your reference.

The contour shade is still the same but the highlighter has changed

The contour shade is still the same but the highlighter has changed

Staying power is pretty good at around 5-6 hours. I find the contour shade a biiiiit patchy if I’m not careful about the application, but otherwise it’s ok.

My comment is still the same on the packaging; there’s too much actual palette space wasted on instructions. I would have preferred a smaller palette that looks more premium considering it’s P1,299 a pop. At least there’s a mirror here.


I’ve also been testing the new Kissproof Milky Lip & Cheek Tint (P399). Unfortunately, this is not at all kiss-proof as it will come off in a couple of hours, but I still like this tint a lot because it’s not drying and it applies evenly on my lips where tints can get patchy. I think this is a great daily tint for both the lips and cheeks since the two shades are super flattering.

Expect to layer a few times to get to full pigmentation, as this is one of those watery formulas.

Overall, even with some misses, I still love this collection and will probably use it all the freakin’ time. The colors are lovely and the formulation is the kind that I personally enjoy in my products. Let me know what you think, as always!

PS If you have video requests, I’d love to hear it. I’m looking to do more video content. ^_^