Editor's Picks: Eight products I love to keep backups of

It'll be a decade or so before I finish up all the beauty products here at the Project Vanity HQ, but there are a few special snowflakes that I simply can not run out of. They work so well that I can't imagine my life without them! You're probably tired of me just talking about them all the time but hey, a girl has to do what she can to spread the word.

Perhaps the only tragedy is that I use these things up so quickly. That's why I like to keep at least one more in storage just in case I run out and don't have time to shop - I mean, that actually happened. My K-Palette eyebrow pen died after I finished one (!) eyebrow so I ended up using a different shade of it in the other. I think it wasn't that obvious. Er. Anyway here's the list!

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liquid (P895). I've been using this for almost five years. Other eyebrow loves come and go, but this is constant because it's the best product for making even the most haggard of brows look decent, nay - perfect. I have one or two of these lying around at all times!

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (P540 for the big one/P260 for the small one at Althea). This is probably the most recent addition to the list. I tried it just a month or so ago and already I knew i had to get the jumbo size. I like using generous amounts of this powder to set my makeup, since it really extends the wear time! It has such a smooth matte finish too.

Leaders Anti-Trouble Mask (P78). I "discovered" this early this year and it's helped me so much in dealing with breakouts. I had about 15 of these at some point, but yes, it's time to haul again! I use this once a week or once every two weeks depending on the other masks I have on rotation.

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Serum (~P4,000). Gosh, it's been what, two years? This is one of the most effective anti-spot treatments I've had the pleasure of trying. It can erase nasty blemishes in a month or two, depending on how bad they are. 

Biore Aqua Rich Sunscreen (P420). This is probably the only sunscreen I can wear comfortably on my face. The cool, ultra light gel texture looks great under makeup and basically doesn't feel like anything once it dries. And it's SPF50 PA++++!

Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser (P1,750). Have been using this for three years. I like rotating it with different facial washes but I always go back to its comforting foam, lovely scent, and mild yet effective cleansing power.

Here's a tip: Shiseido usually goes on sale near the end of the year, around 30% to 40% off, so I stock up then! I only use up about two of these per year (well in conjunction with other random cleansers) but still, it's really sulit. I forgot to take a photo but the Ibuki Softener is also something I always keep in my stash.

Pantene 3 MInute Miracle Conditioner (~P150). This is the conditioner that made my change my mind about conditioner! I use it about once or twice a week and it revives my dry hair without making it lose its volume. It smells soooo good too!

Kojie San Soap (P68). You know, I never thought I'd be that kind of girl who uses Kojie San. But I honestly, truly love this soap un-ironically. It evens out my skin tone like nobody's business and is a great exfoliator without the hassle of rubbing things all over. It runs out so fast lang but still! I like getting the value sets since it's a bit cheaper that way!

Hope you enjoyed my list. ^_^ I would love to know what you stock up on as well! Which beauty things do you absolutely hate running out of?