You can simplify your beauty routine by skipping these five steps

We always chuck the simple beauty routines to lazy girls, but did you know that skipping some steps in your daily beauty prep can also do you good? Aside from saving time, beauty junkies like us can put the money somewhere else. Also, with the sun beating down hard this summer, less is best when it comes to product application. So what do we think you should skip? Read on to find out!

Applying toner

There are conflicting views on toning, but one popular theory is that toners were invented to restore the ideal pH level to the skin after using a facial cleanser. These days though, most cleansers have balanced pH, so using a toner isn't always necessary. 

If you have dry to normal skin with few issues, give this step a miss. However, if you have acne-prone skin and rely on active ingredients such as salicylic acid to stay blemish free, it's best to stick to using toner as part of your tried and tested routine.

Over moisturizing

This came as a surprise even for us because we love our moisturizers! We've already talked about the importance of moisturizing even if you have oily skin, but apparently you can have too much of a good thing. Over moisturizing, especially if you have oily skin, can actually lead to breakouts and premature aging. The applied emollients basically cause your skin to secrete less of its own essential oils because your body thinks it’s already getting enough hydration from your moisturizer.

Strike a balance between natural and artificial moisturizers by tweaking your skin care when the weather changes and your skin's need change as well. Try a lighter gel formula or opt for a moisturizing sunscreen instead.

Exfoliating daily

It's not just a bad idea - it can be downright painful, too. Limit exfoliation (for your face and for your body) to a couple of times a week, or even less if you're often out in the sun.

Any method of exfoliating, whether with sponges or with a gommage exfoliator, can leave your skin irritated and inflamed if you do it too often. Plus, you become more susceptible to sun damage because the new skin layer is still soft and delicate.

Using body lotion

When you go out in the sun with lotion on, your sweat transforms the consistency of your lotion. Instead of keeping your skin moisturized, your lotion becomes a gooey, sticky film that feels warm and thick on your skin. Gross, right?

Skip the lotion, slap on some sunscreen, and call it a day. However if your skin is really feeling way too dry to go without, choose a gel or oil type moisturizer instead of the usual heavy cream formula. You can also use an in-shower body lotion that works as a skin conditioner.

Applying hair serum

If the lure to get shiny, shimmering hair this summer is just too strong, here’s a reason why skipping hair serum might be a good idea: silicone. Although silicone found in hair serums can make hair shiny, once it mixes with the sweat and sebum in your scalp, hair serums can actually make your hair look flat and greasy. 

We get that the combination of heat and humidity makes hair styling a nightmare, but you can avoid bad hair days by following our tips for frizz-free tresses. Alternatively, embrace the unruly look and play up the texture with a DIY sea salt spray!

What other beauty steps are you skipping this summer? Do let us know in the comments!