The lazy girl's guide to good skin

Some girls are naturally gifted with good skin while some are not. Some might require more maintenance than others, but if you are incorrigibly lazy or just don't want to spend time and money on a complex skincare routine, then this post is for you! Here I'll explain why you only need to do three things to keep your skin in good shape. All they would require are five minutes of your time tops every day.

1. Cleanse thoroughly, but gently. This is an absolute non-negotiable. You can laugh away the rest of your *cough* minimalist skin care routine except this part! Cleansing your face rids it of the dirt, oil, and bacteria that gathers on its surface as you go through your day. It doesn't matter if you can't be bothered with makeup. Washing your face with something other than water is still an utterly important step  in keeping it clean, and thus, trouble-free.

Choose a facial wash that is unforgiving in washing away impurities while miraculously not being harsh at all on the skin. You can also go with micellar water cleansers that can remove makeup quickly and effectively; so effectively that you'll just need to rinse your face with water after. 

For the ultra lazy girl, wipes should do no wrong. Like micellar cleansers, you can probably just rinse your face afterwards if you've thoroughly wiped your face already.  

2. Wear sunscreen in the morning, and moisturizer at night. You NEED protection from the sun's rays during the day. With sunscreen, you can prevent a host of skin issues like blemishes, unevenness in skin tone, and premature aging. I mean, you can skip a whole squad of creams in later years just because you wore sunscreen everyday! Makes sense to save time now right? So do it.

I also recommend that you wear moisturizer at night. Night time is the best time to use something hydrating and restorative on your skin, since it's when your cells start to rebuild from the damage it received during the day. Choose a moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids, retinols, or go the natural route with nourishing oils (rosehip oil, emu oil, sunflower oil, and argan oil).

3. Eat right, sleep right, and drink a lot of water. This advice is so overplayed and I suspect a lot of girls don't believe it when they read it, but this is a legit beauty tip. Your skin's well-being does not depend solely on the products you use (or don't use, actually) - it's how you take care of your whole body. If you eat healthy food and indulge reasonably, sleep as early as possible, and hydrate everyday, you'll really notice a difference. Exercise also helps tremendously! I'd recommend that except this guide is for lazy girls haha.

I hope this helps somewhat! Do you gals have more tips to share?