Origins is back in the Philippines! Here's what to expect

The beauty scene in Manila is buzzing with excitement with the arrival of Origins, a well-loved skincare brand famous for its masks and natural oils. I remember it had a store in Greenbelt 5 a few years ago but it closed down eventually, as the company decided to consolidate their retail presence here in Southeast Asia. Now that they're ready to re-enter the market, it's time to show some love!

Since its inception in 1990, Origins has been scouring the Earth to uncover the most powerful plants and harness their potent ingredients to create high-performance natural skincare products. This process has allowed Origins to turn to nature for inspiration and science for validation. It is also an eco-conscious brand in that it supports tree-planting programs and has a recycling program that accepts all cosmetic empty containers regardless of brand at any Origins retail stores and Origins department store counters. 

Origins has an extensive selection of products for our biggest skin issues. There's the Make A Difference collection for rehydration and repair, featuring the Rose of Jericho, found in the driest deserts of North Africa. This ball of weed can come back to life with only a few drops of water! The award-winning Plantscription line is a collection for slowing down aging; its potency is derived from the rare Anogeissus tree, which is traditionally used for healing wounds. There's also the Ginzing collection for energizing the skin with Chinese ginseng and Ethiopian coffee. 

These are just some of the lines that you can find in Origins; there are lots more to explore! I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting the store when it opens on August 12, in the ground floor of the SM Makati Department Store. Don't forget to try out the facials and to ask for samples! 

I'll be reviewing some of the skincare in the coming weeks. Actually I have the Active Charcoal Mask on my face right now as I type this, haha. I've also been loving the Checks and Balances Facial Wash since I got it more than a month ago. Origins is a lovely line, and it has so much to offer. I pray you don't miss out. ^_^

How's your weekend looking like? Mine will involve tennis, a shoe event (for a change!), desk-shopping, and a couple of work-related bits. It's good. Hope yours is too!