How do you sabotage yourself?

I'm not perfect, obviously. One of my biggest character flaws would be the fact that my life is often ruled by my moods. If I feel like doing something, by jove, nobody can stop me from planning it, executing it, and succeeding at it. I will gain a degree of mastery over the thing in an impressively short span of time. Painting? HAH! Cooking? Easy. Tennis? Bring it on!

But if I don't feel like doing it, nobody can make me. I'll sit in a corner, cross my arms, and not move like a stubborn ass. Never mind if I'm being foolish about the whole affair. If I don't want to then I don't. Period. Before, I thought this quality of mine is a wholly desirable thing. It has, after all, helped me achieve my dreams so far. Now I'm not so sure.

This is not something I like to admit because I am vain enough to believe that I'm unstoppable. But I am quite easy to stop. If I've somehow convinced myself that there is nothing for me to gain in participating in relationships, activities, and projects - work or personal - then I might as well be dead fish. I'll be absolutely useless and nobody will have a good time.

Know what this sounds like? I am my own worst enemy. I've wasted many opportunities because I can't master my moods. I've damaged relationships just because I feel like it. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I'm not a child yet I act so petulantly like one. This is unacceptable. I can't continue sabotaging myself like this.

I'm writing this to remind myself that discipline and an iron will can take me farther than anything else could ever will. I promise to rise above my own weaknesses so I can do more, and do better. I promise to stop stopping. You should too. 

Today, I want you to think about how you sabotage your own success and happiness. How can you get past that?

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