8 essential beauty products that I get from the drugstore without fail

As a beauty blogger, I get to try many, many iterations of the same product. These different versions, no matter the price tag, are very similar except for a few cosmetic differences. Maybe the more expensive product smells better for longer or comes in nicer packaging. But at the end of the day the cheaper substitute offers the same (sometimes even better) efficacy as the more expensive option. There's no need to spend more on essentials when the ones you can find in any drugstore work perfectly to begin with!

So, I thought I'd share with you some of my ultimate beauty essentials that are cheap, easy to find, and pretty much beats all the others I've tried so far. I always hoard these products for fear of running out! ^_^ Have you tried any of these? What are your own unbeatable yet affordable drugstore faves?

Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF25 PA++ (~P250). I've been using this since it came out over two years ago; I've lost count of how many bottles I've emptied at this point. It's my favorite sunscreen because it hydrates my skin without the sticky texture, heavy feel, and white cast of normal sunscreens. Yes, it would be nicer if the SPF was higher, but SPF25 is okay for the amount of time I usually get exposed to the sun. I love that this evens out my skin tone! I adore the citrus scent too.

Bifesta Makeup Remover (P419). I hope you'll never tire of me gibbering about Bifesta! I love Bioderma but on second thought I'd still go for something that's considerably cheaper and works almost as well. The Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover is also a winner, you should hoard that when you see it! It's always out of stock.

Dove Body Wash (~P200). I've been using Dove since forever and even if I cheat with more luxurious body washes, I always come back to it! That said, I love the Dove soap and body wash almost equally but I prefer squirting out my washes. They both have the same effect of making my skin smooth, soft, and slinky even when I forget lotion. Do you know how important that is??? I also really like the subtle powdery scent.

Watsons Mini Wet Wipes (P19 per pack). If you've seen my "what's in my bag" posts before, you'll notice this. I have one installed in every bag so I never forget! These wipes smell amazing and does not feel sticky on the hands. Oh and if I need to remove my makeup and I don't have a proper product, these wipes do the job well.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle (P89 for the small bottle). Guys I hope you've tried this already! This is an absolute necessity for colored hair! Aside from keeping my hair ultra smooth and manageable, this refreshes my color so well that people sometimes ask me if I've colored my hair recently. 

Colgate Optic White Plus Shine Toothpaste (~P100). I've always used Colgate. I don't even know what I use specifically, I just pick up whatever vaguely looked like the last one I picked up. But this new one I remember. I've been using it for a couple of months now and I swear my teeth are whiter! Maybe not blindingly white but enough for me to notice a marked difference. 

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes (P140). This is the best and one of the cheapest facial wipes you'll find in the market. It removes makeup quickly and cleanly, but I love squirting a bit of Bifesta just to boost it. I love this stuff so much, more for convenience than anything.

Cleene Cotton Rounds (~P60). I typically use these for removing eye makeup, and sometimes toner. I like that the pads are thick so that they don't fall apart after a couple of passes. 

A Bonne Spa Milk Salt (Shower Formula) P130. I forgot to add this to the group picture but yup, this is my HG body scrub. It evens out my skin tone, keeps my pits and knees smooth, and prevents ingrown hair. It's the best thing ever. I really don't have any words for how sulit and awesome this is.

And that's that! Hope you found my list useful! Share yours too. ^_^