The first Burt's Bees store in Estancia Mall

I've been playing tennis in Valle Verde recently. It's been fun so far and guys, it's a joy hunting for performance sportswear! I've never gotten into sports before (yoga isn't a sport, right?) so this is my first time to do anything like it. I've been enjoying it so much that the weight loss isn't even what I'm focusing on. It's just therapeutic to hit balls right - it's the ultimate stress buster!

Anyway, since I'm in the club often, I hang out at Estancia Mall nearby. The other day I saw the new Burt's Bees store and it looks mighty fiiiiiine. It's the first one in the country! BB used to have only counters inside Beauty Bar before, not its own space.


The store is compact and connects to the Beauty Bar store on the side. The designers made a great use of the small area with lots of wood panels, the honey yellow Burt's Bees is famous for, and cozy mood lighting. 


So, if you're looking to top up your Burt's Bees essentials, go visit the Estancia store! ^_^ Just wanted to give you a heads up. 

Since we're on the topic: what's your favorite Beauty Bar branch? Mine is the one in Fort since it's so spacious and, more importantly, nearest to me haha.

Liz Lanuzo9 Comments