How to look pretty with three products in three minutes

So you overslept or spent a little too long puttering around the house . Before you know it, you need to get out of the door - stat! And not in a cute way, but in a your-ass-will-get-handed-to-you-if-you-don't-leave-now way. If you don't dig the literal bare-faced look, you can at least find three minutes to slap on three products that'll even out and add color to your complexion.

Here's what I recommend! These are the bare essentials, but you can definitely switch out any of these products according to what you feel you need more (i.e. instead of foundation, you might prefer eyeliner). 


Minute #1: With a buffing brush, apply powder foundation with enough coverage and SPF (if you don't use a moisturiser with sun protection) all over your face. I love the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation because it has adjustable coverage - I can go without concealer if I'm wearing this! This is my top pick when I need coverage.

If it's SPF, I prefer to use either the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Foundation which has SPF25 or the Shiseido V Protection Compact Foundation SPF 35 PA+++.

Minute #2: Use a cream color or liquid tint to bring your lips and cheeks to life. You can definitely look pale even if you have Asian skin, which is why it's important to have some type of color on. Cream products are the easiest to apply plus they leave a more even blanket of color versus tints.


Currently I'm enjoying the Stila Convertible Color in Lotus, a sheer brick red shade that is flattering on both lips and cheeks. It stays pretty darn well at 4-5 hours, and doesn't dry out my lips. Definitely worth trying out if you're looking for a new multi-purpose color. I believe this is a new shade from Stila as part of their Summer 2014 release.

It looks dark in the pan, but here is a thick swatch and a blended one. So pretty no? This looks perfect on Filipina skin.


Minute #3: You can actually skip this if you really are in a rush - just add it later if you have time! I love using eyebrow mascaras because they groom, shade, thicken, and set your eyebrows in place all in one go. Pencils are nice for quick application, but they just can't rival the dimension a good eyebrow mascara gives.


I like the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Quiet Brunette since I don't need to layer it with other products. If your eyebrows already look great as is, you might want to spent the last 60 seconds applying eyeliner or mascara. It depends on what  part of your eyes needs more enhancement.


Sooo here's my finished 3-minute look using only the three products above. I wasn't sure if I should post these photos because my eyebrows look so red here :( I don't know why, but in person they look alright - a bit red but still predominantly dark brown. Just refer to my MAC Quiet Brunette review for a more accurate color reference when it's worn.

It's your turn! How do you do your 3-minute face?

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