Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation

I don't know if I've mentioned this here before but I like myself the least when I'm obsessing about something. I forget everything, and I mean everything, just thinking about the thing I want to do or acquire. It's not healthy. It literally gives me headaches. This is weird because these intense obsessions only began early last year. They're vastly different, too, and seem to come from nowhere, like a train with no headlights.

Ugh! I'm going to step out to sketch later just to get my mind off things, because I feel like I'm going slightly insane. 

Aaaaanyway today I'd like to feature the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation (P650). When the awesome people behind Ellana hired me to re-imagine the brand, I immediately pushed for pressed minerals. Because! I love mineral foundation since it gives my skin such a beautiful finish, but I hate how messy and time-consuming it is to apply when I'm rushing out. Pressed minerals are the best, except that they're either too expensive or hard to find locally.

So after much tinkering, Ellana finally came up with their very own Pressed Mineral Foundation. It took a lotta work (hello Theresa!) and I'm not going to take credit for any of it except for being the hard-to-please naysayer while it was being formulated. Lol! But finally, Ellana has it! And it's pretty good if I do say so myself.

This foundation, like its best-selling loose version, provides medium to heavy coverage and a creamy, demi-matte finish. This can make you look like you're wearing liquid foundation when you aren't. ;) Its staying power is just about the same at 5-6 hours before it starts to fade. Yes, it's not a super long-wearing foundation by itself (same as the loose minerals) but it would only require minimal retouching.

Hey, at least now you can bring it around, and the compact has a mirror!

I love that this can cover up minor blemishes, redness, and not-so-dark circles with a bit of layering. My skin looks flawless when I have this foundie on, as you can see in the pic below! It also sticks to the skin, so it's not going to fade in unsightly patches. Check out how well it adhered in this swatch:

Now that's what you call pigmented

I got Hazelnut Latte, the same shade I use for the loose mineral foundation. Unfortunately, it seems that the pressed minerals are about a step lighter than their original formulation. It must be the way the powder has to be altered to remain in solid form! I recommend you get one shade darker for this line if you already know your Loose Foundation shade.

It could be a better match, but I can work with it! The best way to apply this product is with a dense kabuki or powder brush. 

I'd like to note that the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation should be handled with care. You'll notice that the texture is soft and creamy, which is great, but it is also prone to breaking should you drop it. :) So, don't drop it if you can help it haha.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation to those with sensitive, dry to combi skin. This is pure mineral makeup with no uneccessary dyes, additives, and preservatives, so you're not likely to react to the ingredients. That aside, I love the heavy coverage and flawless finish too. Try this if you're looking for a true mineral foundation at a great price!

You can purchase it in Ellana counters in The Ramp Glorietta, EDSA Shang, and Trinoma. There's also a showroom in La Fuerza Plaza, Makati.