See inside: The Heroine Make Elite BDJ Box

When I first saw Heroine Make in Japan last year, the first thing that caught my eye was the manga princess character, Elizabeth. She looks so bold and bright in a sea of beauty products! I don't think I've seen any other Japanese cosmetics brand with a manga "endorser" so to speak - which is weird considering it's, well, Japan.

The packaging got me curious enough to buy the foundation when I visited Tokyo again in November. I said I wouldn't be surprised if Heroine Make would be available in the Philippines one day; it's perfect for the market in terms of product selection, packaging, and the affordable price. Little did I know that my sorta-prediction would come true so soon. 


So yes my dears, Heroine Make is arriving in Manila in exactly nine days! It will be available in Watsons Mall of Asia on July 18, and in other branches soon after. ^_^ While you're waiting for the counter to open, you can check out the BDJ Elite Box, which features eight full-sized Heroine Make products for only P1,480. The total value of the box is over P3,000 so yes, it's worth looking into if you're up for a good deal. I think it's still available although in limited quantities.

Are you ready to see what's inside? 



Ta-dah! As promised, there are eight full items in the box. I think there are different boxes with a slight variation of products according to a certain theme. This one is Box E: Fierce Light.


Inside are the following + prices: Long and Curl Mascara #01 (P595) // Quick Eyeliner #01 (P345) // Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #02 (P345) // Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream #01 (P595) // Smooth Cover Powder Clear (P695) // Sun Killer Cool Perfect Strong (P445, this sun protection brand is under Isehan, which also covers Heroine Make) // Impact Eyelash #01 (P345) // Eyelash Fixer (P345)


I already have a few Heroine Make products before getting this box, so here are some quick feedback on my top picks:

Long and Curl Mascara #01 - this is hands down my favorite HM product. Love how it lengthens, volumizes, and holds the curl of my lashes. It's a pain to remove so I use the Heroine Make mascara remover, which is another awesome find for those who love waterproof mascara.

Smooth Cover Powder Clear - I find the BB creams and foundations too light for my medium skin, but this translucent powder is pretty good for setting makeup or even by itself. It has no tint, but it has sheer coverage that matches my skin. It doesn't have any obvious scent, unlike the foundation.

Smooth Cover Powder Clear

Quick Eyebrow - I like this too! It reminds me of the Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil minus the sword-like tip. This has a tiny tip and has a really hard texture, however, it delivers the same effect as my Shu Uemura pencil.


I have yet to try the Quick Eyeliner, the falsies, and the Sun Killer. Will update you on that when I do! I'll be posting more detailed reviews or at least a full look in the very near future. ^_^

Now here's a fun part: Let me know what you're most excited to try from Heroine Make, and I will choose one lucky person to send it to, plus a bunch of other stuff of course! Good luck!