Four eye creams that really make a difference

Have you noticed something new on my blog tabs? ;) Yes, Ask Liz is back! I miss the thought-provoking questions and the conversation among readers. It's hosted on my old blog platform (which explains the link) since the new one I'm on doesn't have a forum feature yet. Hope you can continue to ask interesting beauty questions there and answer others too! 

Speaking of Q&As - some of the common questions I receive about skin care revolve around eye creams. Do we need them? Which are the good ones to try? Which are nice ones that doesn't cost a ton of money? I have yet to find an answer to the third question, but I can help you with the first two.

Do you need eye creams, then? Yes. I didn't use to think I needed them, too, but when I hit 23 I noticed the lines forming around my eyes. I would try to hydrate the area with moisturiser but the results are simply not as noticeable versus using a proper eye cream. Good eye creams also lessen the darkness and puffiness around my eyes!

There are of course limitations to what eye creams can do for you. If you insist on staying up all night, not eating right, or getting stressed out often, it WILL show on your eyes. Eye creams are not magic. They just help your eye area bounce back a little from the abuse you give your body. The more abuse you give, the less you can recover from it.

You also need t be religious about application. Missing a couple of days or skipping a day in between is alright, but miss a week or two and you'll see your eyes unraveling before your...well, eyes. You have to be relatively consistent when using eye cream if you want to see and maintain the results.

Here are the four eye creams I use regularly, recently. Because of them I can actually get away with not wearing any under eye concealer when I go out! I've been using these for months now  (on rotation) so I can really vouch for the effect they have on me.


Lancome Visionnaire Yeux, Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector (P3,295). This is the most effective eye cream I've tried so far. A week of this, twice a day every day, makes a huge difference if I haven't been taking care of my eyes. It's kinda expensive so I don't use it all the time, only when I really really need to.


Philosophy Hope In A Tube Eye and Lip Firming Cream (roughly P1,900). This is my second favorite eye cream. It's what I use for maintenance, and under my makeup, since it's a nice primer that way. I find it to be effective in continuing the results of the Lancome Visionnaire Yeux - to lift, firm, and keep lines not so obvious.


Shiseido Ibuki Eye Cream (P1,800) and the Burt's Bees Daisy White Eye Cream (P1,800). These two are great for brightening the under eyes and getting rid of puffiness. They get absorbed quickly and freshens up my eyes nicely.

So there you go. How about you, have you found an eye cream that really helped your eye area?