Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange

We've been flooded with twist-up lip crayons these past years, but they usually come in balm-like formulas or designed to be outright lipsticks in a fun form. But have you tried a legit jumbo lip pencil that just so happens to be a lipstick as well? That's the unique proposition of the Bobbi Brown Art Stick (P1,500), a wooden pencil that has a creamy matte finish!



This feels like you're applying an extra-creamy lip liner - super easy to control due to the precise tip (none of that chubby business), and has the staying power to match. I've worn this for five hours and it doesn't transfer or fade too much even when I eat or drink. 

The pigmentation is pretty good. I only need two layers to get this statement color! 


Sunset Orange is described as a bright guava in the Bobbi Brown website. It looks like a red orange with a matte finish. It has just the right level of brightness to look modern but not garish.

The catch is that, like most lip pencils, this has a dry, drying texture. It glides on easily enough but you must prime your lips first if you don't want them to get super parched. That's usually the price to pay for long-wearing lip products.


The Art Stick is also not a twist-up crayon. You need to sharpen it with its accompanying jumbo sharpener. God forbid you lose that! It'd be a challenge to find something that would fit such a fat pencil! The advantage of this type of packaging though is that the product stays fresh and bacteria-free until you sharpen that part.  


Overall, I love the long-wearing, bold formula of the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange. It's my first time to try an actual lip pencil-slash-lipstick, which justifies the shape. Good stuff. Get it if you're infatuated with any of the eight available colors!